Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is the most natural and permanent way of gaining hair for the person who has lost hair. Since the patient’s own healthy hair will be transplanted to the spilled area and the area where the hair to be transplanted is taken is a region where there is no hair loss in structure, hair transplant operations give the person their own hair as if it has never been shed and permanently.

Many methods have been tried to solve this problem before hair transplantation operations. There are still treatments that will strengthen the hair root and make the hair healthy in various hair problems. However, in many cases, the permanent solution for hair loss is hair transplantation.

implemented for the first time in 2002. FUE method has become the preferred treatment method in hair transplantation all over the world today. Under local anesthesia, the method, which does not require incisions and stitches, and therefore does not leave any scars, has enabled patients to get rid of their anxieties about these issues.

How to do hair transplantation?

The aim of hair transplantation is to transfer the person’s own healthy hair to the area where shedding and thinning are experienced, in a way that provides a natural appearance. Certain areas on the back of the head have hair that is genetically resistant to shedding, unlike the ones on the top and front of the head. In the process, healthy hair follicles in this area are transplanted to the area with thinning, shedding and baldness.

Women, to regain lost hair or (more) they request hair transplantation with the request of tightening the thinned hair. If it is deemed appropriate in the examination performed upon this request, the operation is performed. One of the biggest concerns of women is whether their hair should be cut short before having a hair transplant. Operations can be performed without cutting the hair.

In men, shedding is usually first in the front and then on the top. Sometimes it only happens at the top. Male pattern hair loss caused by hormonal effects is a normal process. Hair producing cells die over time and hair thinning and non-growth problems are experienced. Hair loss and baldness occur after shedding and non-growing hair.

Hair transplantation can be applied in men and women after the age of 20. Like all medical operations, a doctor’s examination is essential to determine whether this application is necessary for the person, the suitability of the person for the application and the method that can be applied. Some patients require additional treatment beforehand, while in some patients a solution can be achieved without the need for hair transplantation. In addition, all factors such as the hair structure of the person, the growth and shedding characteristics of the hair, the stories of the family members, the condition of the hair in the area to be transplanted, the age and health status of the person will be evaluated by the specialist.

An important point when planning the treatment before hair transplantation is to check whether the area where the hair will be taken is in a healthy condition and has the capacity to close the opening.

Patients whose age-related hair loss is expected to continue or have completely stopped are also evaluated. Since hair loss will have completely stopped around the age of 40, it is the ideal age to get the most effective results in a single session. Sometimes it may be advisable to wait for the hair loss of the patients to stop, so that there are no 2nd and 3rd sessions.

In cases of hair loss as a result of hair disease, the situation is evaluated separately and hair transplantation may not be required. Heart and blood pressure patients are also evaluated in the same way.

Choosing the right and good hair transplant center and hair transplant performed by experienced specialists will be an important factor in finding a natural and permanent solution for the patient, considering all the aforementioned factors.

People who do research about hair transplantation and decide to have the application usually start by researching the best hair transplantation center and doctor.

The point to be considered in this search “best”It is to know that instead of chasing a concept that is relative and incompatible with health ethics, it is necessary to choose a hair transplant center that is approved by the Ministry of Health, where experienced specialists can be trusted.

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