hair transplant

What does hair transplantation mean?

In the most basic sense, hair transplantation is to take hair follicles from the back of the head, from the area between the two ears, under the skin, with the genetics of not falling out, and transfer them under the skin to the areas where we want to have hair on the front.

Is hair transplantation a permanent operation?

Hair transplantation is a permanent procedure. Hair follicles transplanted during hair transplantation are genetically resistant to the hair loss effect of testosterone. The transplanted hair continues to stay in the area where it was transferred for life. It is clear that if the transplanted hair shed after a while, there would be no point in doing a hair transplant.

Are hair follicles or hair strands transplanted in hair transplantation?

The units (follicular unit) transplanted during hair transplantation are hair follicles. Hair follicles (follicular unit) are anatomical structures that contain single, double, triple or more hair strands. Since hair follicles (follicular units) are structures with anatomical integrity, the use of hair follicles during hair transplantation ensures that the result is natural, aesthetic and efficient.

What is the donor area in hair transplantation?

Hair follicles (follicular unit) are taken from the area between the two ears and the nape, where the hair is particularly dense and resistant to shedding. Thus, the transplanted hair does not fall out and the result is permanent after hair transplantation.

What do the numbers given in hair transplantation mean?

The amount to be transplanted in hair transplantation refers to the number of hair follicles. If we talk about hair strands, the number of hair strands can be more than twice the amount of hair follicles. In this sense, it can be confusing to talk about the number of hairs recommended to the patient before hair transplantation. Considering that each hair follicle (follicular unit) contains more than one hair strand, when we transplant 3000 hair follicles, we actually transplant 8000-10000 hair strands.

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