Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

“Hair transplantation”, as it is commonly known, is actually an operation. The reason for hair loss is that the hair follicles located on the front and upper sides are not resistant to the hormones in our body. The structure of the roots in the nape region makes them more durable. The basic principle in hair transplantation is the process of transferring the hair on the nape, which has durable roots, to the weak and spilled area on the front and upper sides.

As in any operation, this procedure consists of stages, each of which is extremely important for success.

1- Removal of hair follicle; The hair follicle consists of hair follicles and connective tissue around it. As a result of not removing any part of this follicle, its integrity is disrupted and this follicle cannot produce hair in the newly planted area.

2- Storing and separating the hair follicle; The follicles taken must be stored in appropriate solution and conditions. Follicles that do not contain roots or that are damaged should be removed professionally.

3- Natural and regular opening of hair channels; It is necessary to open channels suitable for the natural growth direction of the hair. If the channel is opened in the wrong direction, the follicles to be planted in this channel will come out in the wrong direction and will not stand naturally, this is an extremely difficult situation to correct.

4- Placing the hair follicles in their new place without being hurt; The hair follicle is very delicate. All actions taken to insert this follicle into the canal with hurtful, rough movements result in the death of the follicle. The result is failure.

An error in any of the above steps will result in an empty field.

We can list the conditions for being successful in hair transplantation as follows:

1 – Good planning: In a mature man, the hairline is a triangle that curves backwards. This line should be suitable for the age and general appearance of the patient. It is wrong to plan the hairline in childhood or youth. The important thing is to make a design that suits the needs of each patient.

2 – Good distribution: It is necessary to correctly distribute the new hair we have on the area to be planted. It is a mistake to make the front line sparse and the back more dense.

3 – Good choice: Some of the roots we have are single, some are double and triple. These roots should be distributed in a certain order.

4 – Determining the purpose correctly: It is not possible to try to close a very large gap with a small amount of new hair. It is necessary to go to the right destination with the right step with the amount we have.

5 – Appropriate technique selection: The method in which the new hairs are obtained one by one; It is called “FUE TECHNIQUE”. This method has become the gold standard. However, “PERCUTAN TECHNICAL” is applied because it has more natural results during the adaptation of new hair to their new places. In this method, new hair is placed in pinholes, not in blade incisions.

6 – Speed: Perhaps it is the factor that affects the result the most. By a good and experienced team, new hair should be taken back into the body without damaging it outside the body.

Matters needing attention

1- Blood thinners are discontinued 1 week before the procedure.

2- Diabetics should have their sugar levels under control for the last week.

3- Hypertension patients should have their blood pressure levels under control for the last week. Medicines are taken on the day of the procedure.

4- Smoking reduces the success rate.

5- Medicines recommended by your doctor are used before the procedure and continue after the procedure.

6- After the procedure, drugs that improve skin and hair quality are used.

7- After the procedure, a spray is used to make the hair grow faster.

8- New hair falls out at the end of the first month, does not grow in the second month, then gradually increases until the ninth month. The final state is in a year.

Who can do hair transplantation?

Unfortunately, this procedure has not been adopted as a surgical procedure in our country and has become performed by unauthorized hands. Currently, the only person authorized to do this job in our country is a plastic surgeon. The Ministry of Health issued an aesthetic practice certificate for a period and general practitioners were able to obtain this certificate. With this certificate, this attempt is made legally.

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