daily in humans 80-100 Wire hair loss is considered normal. With the advancement of age, especially with the effect of genetic and environmental factors, the vascularity that feeds the hair follicles decreases, the keratin structure weakens, and as a result, the weakening of the hair increases and shedding accelerates. In such cases PRPand MESOTHERAPY applications are the treatment methods used to prevent hair loss, to nourish and repair hair follicles, to increase hair quality and to trigger new hair formation. only according to need PRPSuccessful results are obtained with only mesotherapy application or the application of both applications together.

PRP the purpose of its application; It is the application of the platelet-rich plasma obtained by processing the blood taken from the person to the scalp with the aim of feeding the hair follicles. Growth factor and tissue repair substances in PRP provide nutrition and regeneration of tissues in contact areas. PRPIt can be applied with the microinjection method or the dermapen/dermoroller method.

What are the Benefits of Hair PRP?

  • When PRP is applied to the scalp with the right methods, it helps to wake up and strengthen dormant hair follicles.
  • With PRP, hair strands are strengthened, hair loss can slow down or even stop.
  • New hair strands may grow from the hair follicles.
  • It can be applied in combination with mesotherapy.
  • With PRP treatment, weakened hair can thicken, hair follicles are nourished and strengthened, and hair can become more voluminous.

Who is Hair PRP applied to?

Hair PRP is both a very effective and one of the most reliable applications for anyone who has hair loss problems, for men or women, who suffers from thinning hair and who wants to have stronger hair.

HAIR MESOTHERAPY ; It is the process of activating hair follicles so that they can produce healthier and longer hair strands. The advantage of Hair Mesotherapy is the local use of drugs in small doses. There is little to no risk of side effects. Lotions or shampoos applied externally can make the hair look brighter or livelier. But the hair becomes dull again after a day and shows a fragile structure. Because nothing that does not affect the hair root, that is, the growth center of the hair, provides a permanent improvement in the hair. It is unlikely that such externally applied hair care materials or drugs will be absorbed and reach the hair follicle. Likewise, some oral medications do not have a direct effect on the hair follicle. With mesotherapy, drug mixtures selected for the purpose are injected into the skin in small doses with special needles or dermapen / dermaroller method. The drug, which reaches the capillary ends in the middle layer of the skin, shows its effect quickly. The applied product contains vitamins, minerals, special building block proteins, antioxidants and drugs that increase regional blood circulation.


It can be used in hair treatment in two methods, and in some cases it can be used in combination. As a result of the evaluation, the physician decides which application will be used and which method will be used.


Only PRP, only mesotherapy or a combination of two treatment methods can be used. According to the needs of the person and the treatment method to be determined, treatment is planned in 6-10 sessions with ten-day intervals.

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