Hair loss

Hair loss occurs due to different reasons. Before starting hair treatments, make sure to have a
should be examined by a dermatologist and treatment should be planned for the cause. 2 types of hair
spill is available.


1. Hair loss called telogen effluvium? Iron deficiency, thyroid diseases, vitamin deficiencies,
infectious diseases, stress, unhealthy diets, pregnancy and lactation periods, seasonal
hair loss in transitions.

2. Androgenetic hair loss (masculine hair loss) It occurs due to hormonal and genetic reasons.
In hair treatments, if there is an underlying cause, it must be treated first. However, support
products, mesotherapy, methods such as PRP

Hair mesotherapy, stopping hair loss, improving the quality of existing hair, new hair growth
implemented to ensure Prepared with mesotherapy technique with vitamins, amino acids, minerals
special solutions are given subcutaneously. Generally, 6-8 sessions are applied every 7-15 days.
Successful results are obtained in hair loss with the PRP technique. Different from anti-aging application
Generally, 5-6 sessions are applied.

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