Habits That Can Cause You to Get Fat

If you are having trouble losing weight and getting fat despite dieting and exercising, it may be because of your bad habits. It is very important to make the right choices and turn them into habits in order to reach and stay at a healthy weight.

Your feeding time, portion amounts and the foods you consume can both cause you to become fat and store this fat in the body. Now I will talk about some habits that can cause this.

1- Poor Preparation

Bad shopping means a fridge full of bad food. When it’s time to eat, of course, bad foods will be consumed from the cupboard with bad foods. Reversing this requires good preparation. With the right shopping, the right proteins, whole grain carbohydrates and healthy fats are readily available.

Making a meal plan for one day of the week, preparing the right snacks and, if necessary, preparing and storing them will ensure you consume good foods all week. Creating a plan in mind, even for the days you eat out, will help you order the right meal.

In fact, it is very important to use your desire to eat in favor of good choices by taking some precautions during the preparation phase. For example, if you are fond of sweets, you can have fresh or dried fruits nearby. Thus, if you crave sweets while you are preparing a meal, you will meet this need with healthy options.

2- Not Drinking Enough Water

The benefits of drinking water are endless. Drinking enough water provides a healthy appearance in the first place. It also helps regulate the digestive system.

According to research, drinking enough water supports weight loss. Insufficient water consumption is also considered a sign of fatigue. Many people think that hunger is the cause of their fatigue and eat food to gain energy, but this is mostly due to insufficient water consumption. Moreover, drinking 1-2 glasses of water before 3 meals a day reduces the calorie intake by providing a feeling of satiety.

It has also been proven that general information about the correct amount of water is not correct because each body needs different amounts of water. If you want to make a small account on this subject; We can say that divide your weight by 30 and consume as much water as that result every day.

3- Skipping Protein

We know that adequate protein provides satiety and helps to have a more balanced diet throughout the day. Because long-term satiety also prevents wrong food selection.

To list healthy and quality protein sources, chicken, lean red meat and seafood can be counted. In addition, eggs, cheese, peanut butter, nuts and yoghurts can be preferred.

4- Exaggerating Liquid Calories

You can consume water, unsweetened coffees and unsweetened teas with peace of mind. But it would be ideal to avoid cola, juice and flavored drinks. While sugar-free coffees and teas create an antioxidant effect, calorie-packed drinks only add a lot of calories.

Since alcoholic beverages come at the beginning of caloric liquids, it is necessary to pay attention to their consumption. One drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men will be sufficient. You can also choose options that are low in calories when choosing alcohol.

5- Not Getting Enough Sleep

According to the research; Adequate sleep is very important for reaching and staying at a healthy weight. In fact, people who sleep 5 hours or less every day have an excess of 3 kg in weight compared to people who sleep 7 hours or more every day. The reason for this is the negative effect of insufficient sleep on hormones and triggering hunger during waking hours.

Then it’s good not to underestimate our sleeping pattern!

6- Staying in front of the TV for too long

Especially if you fall asleep watching something, this is the warning for you! Falling asleep in front of the TV can cause weight gain. Because some studies show that; Since sleeping in front of the TV maximizes the time exposed to artificial lights, it triggers weight gain and even increases the risk of obesity. Being careful about light and TV positively affects our quality of life.

7- Skipping Breakfast

If you want to prevent weight gain or maintain your weight, make sure to have breakfast. Breakfast is both the most important meal of the day and the only thing that will keep you balanced all day. As soon as you have breakfast, you send a warning for your metabolism to work and you also provide calorie burning.

In your breakfast selection, you can definitely choose complex carbohydrates, protein sources and some healthy fat groups. On days when you’re in a rush, oatmeal breakfasts can be your go-to or, in rare cases, protein bars with no added sugar.

8- Shopping at the Market Center

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it, but according to research; The things that stand close to the walls are actually called shelves with fresh products where the things you need to consume are sold. Meats and dairy products are also available here. According to this information, you need to avoid middle shelves and aisles. Because there are more processed products in the middle shelves and aisles!

Frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, some cereals and pastes in the middle part are excluded from this rule.

9- Keeping Bad Records

If you do everything perfectly but think that you are not losing weight, this may be because you are consuming too much without realizing it. Moreover, you may be keeping an incomplete record of this or making bad calculations. I recommend keeping a written food diary right away. It is useful to write one by one if necessary. We see that round calculations often do not.

Writing down everything that goes into your mouth will give you precise information about your diet. Moreover, writing down everything you eat can help you reduce what you eat over time. When you take your food diary in the evening, you will notice the increase in calories. In this way, your snacking habit will be regulated.

10. Giving Up

Sometimes you may turn to bad foods or even prefer things that you will not consume during the day. As a result, you may even be conscientious and stuck at the point of blaming yourself. At that point, forgive yourself and get back to your routine. Because this attitude is very important.

Anyway, I just ate them, so I can continue like this all day long, please don’t fall for the thought that it has already happened. It shouldn’t be a permission. You may have to forget about long-term weight loss when you give yourself this permission.

11- Eating Out Too Often

The best way to keep calories limited is to cook your own meals. You definitely need to reduce the number of times you eat out. When you eat out, it will be in your best interest to choose healthy options and consider their portions.

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