Breast enlargement can occur in men during puberty for various reasons. to be temporary
When this expected growth becomes permanent, it is called gynecomastia. hormone in aging
disorder, tumors, drugs used can also cause unilateral or bilateral gynecomastia. Because,
Before starting the treatment process, detailed examinations should be made and the stage of gynecomastia
needs to be detected.

How is the operation done?

In the first stage of gynecomastia, breast growth is limited, there is no sagging or looseness in the skin. This
If the situation is due to fat accumulation in the breast area, the fats are removed by vacuum (liposuction). If fat
If there is a mammary gland other than the nipple, the tissues are taken with a small incision from the nipple and sent to pathology.

In the second stage, the breast is in the form of a full female breast, but there is no sagging of the skin. In this phase too
The operation is done in the same way. In the third stage, sagging of the skin has occurred and excess skin has been removed.
Surgical interventions are performed to eliminate it. Operation from the nipple in cases where the skin is elastic
half a month below the nipple, in cases where the skin loses its elasticity in advanced ages.
A cut is made in the shape of a cut and excess tissues are removed. The operation takes an average of 1 hour and the patient
discharged the same day.

What is the Treatment Period?

Today, fat suctioning alone is sufficient for approximately 80% of gynecomastia operations.
and the patient can stand up immediately after the operation. It is open in the remaining 20% ​​of patients.
surgical operation is used.

After this operation, 24 to 48 hours to prevent blood and fluid accumulation in the operation area
A drain is inserted for an hour. A special corset to keep the operation area under pressure.
is worn. This corset with open crotch is very easy to use and can be worn continuously for a week. 5 weeks
It is recommended to wear the corset during heavy activities. Edema after surgery
tenderness and bruises begin to decrease within 2-3 days. Sometimes tenderness, numbness, stinging,
burning may occur. After the second week, it is possible to swim in the pool and sea, but for 6 weeks, solarium,
It is necessary to avoid activities that may cause edema such as sauna and heavy sports.

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