Gum growths.

Enlargement in the gingiva refers to the increase in volume, which is often seen with increased bacterial plaque, which expresses increased gingival formation. The tissue is red, swollen, and tends to hard bleeding. The causes may be hormonal, due to some drugs, some tumors, genetics, and some diseases.

Gingival growths due to hormones are seen in the form of pregnancy epulis or pregnancy tumor, which is caused by the effect of the increased progesterone hormone with pregnancy, in the form of a bleeding dark red purple color, especially in the anterior region, in the region of the triangular papilla between the teeth. Gingival due to abnormality in white blood cells in some tumoral blood diseases. Bleeding and swelling occur. Sudden onset of gingival bleeding and swelling require referral to a hematologist without neglecting it.

Apart from these, in some diseases, the gums may enlarge. The treatment is done according to the cause, first plaque control and then surgical correction, but the growth of the gums may recur, especially if it is due to drugs. I wish you a healthy day.

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