Gum disease symptoms and treatment processes

Which Doctor Should I Go To For Gum Diseases?

It is not known by the public that there is a cure for the problems that occur in the gums. Because in these cases, an ordinary dentist is consulted, but it is not the doctor’s area of ​​expertise. Therefore, even if they say that there is no problem, you should definitely see a periodontologist.

A periodontologist is a doctor who specializes in gingival and gingival diseases. You can easily entrust yourself during the diagnosis and treatment process. Our specialist periodontology physicians also serve you in our clinic. You can get rid of these problems in a short time and get a healthy mouth.


Treatment of gum diseases possible. There are several options for this. It is possible to get rid of these problems completely by cleaning the teeth and gums, cleaning the teeth, curettage or gum surgery. As you delay the gum treatment, the disease will spread and cause tooth loss.

What are the Symptoms of Gum Diseases?

gum diseases It’s a problem that almost everyone has. Although some have a severe problem and choose the treatment path, most people continue their lives unaware of gum disease. However, in the long term, gum diseases can even lead to tooth loss. For this reason, it is necessary to pay maximum attention not only to the teeth, but also to the gums and oral health.

What are Gum Diseases?

Gum diseases are actually quite a lot. However, the most common disease is inflammation of the gums. Although there are no symptoms and discomfort in mild inflammatory conditions, pain is inevitable in severe inflammations. In this case, there are not many options that you can apply yourself and should be treated by a specialist doctor.

What are the symptoms?

If you have a disease in your gums, gum recession is one of the most obvious situations. Swelling of the gums may also occur. Dental calculus occurs at the junction of the gum and tooth, causing further progression of the disease.

gum ailments symptoms allow periodontal disorders to be discovered and treated at an early stage. Symptoms of periodontal disorders include:

Painful and bleeding gums while brushing

Gums pulling away from the teeth

Sensitive, red and swollen gums

Inflammatory discharge between the gums and teeth

Persistent bad breath

· Teeth wobble and move away from each other.

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms; It is a good idea to see your dentist as soon as possible.

Pain or hot cold sensitivity is seen not only in the teeth but also in the gums. Symptoms of gum disease can be seen this way. Sometimes unbearable pain in the gums can be experienced. All these symptoms are quite serious and should not be neglected.

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