Granulomatous Mastitis

Mastitis is a benign breast disease. It is a chronic inflammation of the breast of unknown cause. However, it is difficult to distinguish it from breast cancer clinically and radiologically. In the diagnosis of granulomatous mastitis, cancer and tuberculosis must be distinguished first. It can be confused with Inflammatory Breast Cancer.
It has these features:

* Thickening and coarsening of the breast skin

*Redness and tenderness

* Flowing openings

* Swelling and edema in the breast and skin

*Sometimes palpable mass

Most of the time, it is easily mistaken for a breast infection in the first examination, and it is tried to be treated with empirical antibiotic therapy or evacuation of the abscess. If this does not improve with the first treatments, a biopsy must be taken.

The diagnosis of granulomatous mastitis is made by excluding some diseases that may be involved. These are tuberculosis, fungal infections, sarcoidosis and foreign bodies. Tuberculous mastitis must be considered. Biopsy typically shows granulomas and inflammatory cells in the lobules without bacteria. Sometimes bacteria can be involved in the event secondary to infectious mastitis and abscess.

Another condition to be ruled out is inflammatory breast cancer. Breast biopsy, including the skin, should be differentiated. The treatment is drug therapy. Rarely, surgical treatment is required.

A long, careful, experienced follow-up and treatment process may be necessary. It is very important for the patient and the physician to be in harmony and to understand each other.

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