Gottman couple therapy


The Gottman Method in Couples Therapy, by Dr. It is based on the scientific research of John Gottman, which began in 1970 and continues to this day. These studies are the first and most comprehensive studies conducted with couples in the world.

Gottman therapy, developed by John and Julie Gottman, is the only research-based and valid scientific evidence-based relationship therapy method in the world.

It is an existential therapy in which individuals take their individual conflicts and create a common meaning between couples. It is a cognitive therapy approach because it evaluates how couples think, the meanings they give to events and makes arrangements about them. It is a systematic couples therapy as it treats the couple relationship as a system. It is a psychodynamic approach in therapy as it analyzes individuals’ family information. Gottman couple therapy actually encompasses many therapeutic approaches. One of the biggest reasons why it is effective on the problems experienced by couples is that it covers many approaches.

The therapy process is shaped according to your specific needs and goals. The couple’s therapist works on the weekly meeting hours and the relationship goals determined by the evaluation. The development and relationship satisfaction of the couple throughout the process are also evaluated. Couple therapy sessions are terminated by decreasing the frequency of sessions with the achievement of the goals set in the relationship, the acquisition of relationship skills, and the satisfaction of the relationship.

After the therapy sessions are over, the couples are reached at regular intervals such as 6 and 12 months, and follow-up interviews are held about the course of the relationship after the therapy. The purpose of these follow-up meetings is to reduce the likelihood of the couple experiencing any difficulties or relapses in their relationships after therapy and to ensure that the necessary interventions are made.

With Gottman Couples Therapy;

Each partner shares their relationship history, relationship philosophies, and therapy goals with the couples therapist.

With the evaluation of the relationship, the issues that the partners are in disagreement with are determined and worked on.

Couples acquire skills that engage in healthy relationships with research-based components.

It is a priority to keep couples together by supporting the system of interest, appreciation and respect in the relationship.

It is aimed to improve all aspects of a good relationship and develop skills in this area, from developing trust in the relationship to emotional disconnection, repairing conflicts and other regrettable situations.

Communication skills that need to be in relationship with the support and coaching of the couples therapist are acquired.

After the therapy, couples learn the tools and methods necessary for their relationship.

Couples therapy not only focuses on relationship skills, but also enables partners to reveal relationship dynamics that will enable them to bond deeply with each other.

Establishing relationships is actually surprisingly easy. Couples who manage to maintain happy relationships are those who support each other’s hopes and aspirations and build their union together on a common goal.

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