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Obesity in the health report of the World Health Organization, a health problem that occurs as a result of excessive fat accumulation in the body and must be treated is defined as. Obesity, which develops due to factors such as excessive food intake, insufficient physical activity, heredity, hormonal reasons, psychological problems, smoking cessation, alcohol use, is a serious disease that shortens life expectancy and reduces quality of life with its complications, as well as on its own. Complications that come to mind first are: Cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, some types of cancer, respiratory disorders, fatty liver, gall bladder diseases, joint diseases, menstrual irregularities, infertility.

A multidisciplinary approach is required in the treatment of obesity, which is a multifactorial disease. Better results are obtained if treated as a team with an internist or endocrinologist, dietitian, physiotherapist and psychologist. In obesity, education, diet therapy, increasing physical activity and lifestyle change are the steps of treatment. In the event that no results can be obtained despite these principles, or to support the treatment, pharmacological (drug) treatment or surgical interventions may also be in question.

The field of slimming provides a wide range of job opportunities. There is a wide market from light products to weight loss drugs, from mixtures sold in herbalists to surgeries, from sports equipment to weight loss teas. In this context, nutritional support products entered many people’s bags. On almost all such products 100% Herbalor 100% Naturalphrases such as Everything natural is harmlessopinion is totally unacceptable. The use of such products without the advice of a doctor and / or dietitian may threaten human health.

Golden Strawberry has been introduced to the market as the last link of the chain in such nutritional support products. This or similar nutritional support products help to lose weight by increasing metabolic rate, accelerating fat burning, suppressing appetite, etc. The general approach is that these products weaken. However, no nutritional support alone does not weaken, it only increases the results obtained with diet and exercise. Unfortunately, in many of them, chemical substances such as Sibutramine are added and results are obtained without even mentioning them on their labels. This situation sometimes even causes death.

In fact, herbal slimming products, vitamins, minerals and even antioxidants are actually drugs, they should never be used haphazardly. It is extremely wrong for people who do not have medical education to give health advice to people, especially to suggest drugs. Every profession has amateurism, but medicine does not. Therefore, such nutritional support products should not be considered specific to the society, but should be evaluated individually. After all, one should not believe the words such as these are herbal origin, completely natural, even if taken in excess, there is no harm.

It should not be forgotten that the main treatment is diet, increasing physical activity and lifestyle changes; however, it should be known that Ministry-approved and literature-supported products can be used under the control of a doctor and/or dietitian. On the other hand, there is currently no scientific basis for Golden Strawberry. No one has clear information about its content. In this case, it may be possible to relive situations that have been encountered before. Eating golden berries as a dried fruit will not cause trouble as long as it is not overdone. It can be beneficial in terms of containing high fiber (pulp). However, it would be wrong to make a positive comment for the use of herbal tablets for now.

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