Getting Teeth in the Same Day with the All-on-Four Technique

One of the solutions for patients who are disturbed by missing teeth is implants. A new era has been entered in dentistry with the implant technique called “All on 4 technique”. With this technique, it is possible to make prostheses that our patient will use permanently on the same day as the implant and can be used for many years with good care.

For this reason, with an innovative technique, the patient not only has the comfort of eating and laughing comfortably, but also avoids coming to many dentist appointments.

It has many features such as effective chewing and obtaining a more aesthetic appearance with the teeth completed with the All-on-four technique.


  • Quality of life improves rapidly.

  • It is a form of treatment with a high success rate.

  • It helps prevent bone loss.

  • The treatment and recovery period is short and painless.

  • It allows the patient to easily and quickly overcome the psychology experienced in the absence of teeth.

  • Since the implant and prosthesis process is performed on the same day, the patient does not experience much trouble. Also, he does not have to come to the dental appointment constantly.

  • Allows the creation of a beautiful smile design

  • Aesthetically natural appearance gives self-confidence

  • Provides high success even in bad and insufficient bone structure

As a result, it shows that the All On Four procedure is a treatment method with a high success rate in long-term follow-ups and good oral hygiene to be applied by the patient.

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