Get your body in shape before marriage…

Before going out for wedding dress shopping, brides-to-be, who want to reshape the parts of their bodies that they do not like, resort to plastic surgery to get rid of mimic wrinkles and excess fat in the hips, hips and waist areas.

Women who complain about small or sagging breasts, on the other hand, turn to breast augmentation or lifting operations to carry the wedding dress well. In addition, women who are preparing for marriage resort to plastic surgery to get rid of under-eye bags.

How long before which application should be started?

Timing is important in bachelorette aesthetics. Considering that the recovery period is a little long in some methods, nose surgery should be done about 1 month before the wedding. The same time is required for stretching surgeries. , A bride-to-be who wants to have breast augmentation surgery should apply for the operation approximately 3-4 weeks before the wedding. However, with the MIR method, which stands for Minimal Intervention Nose Aesthetics, 30 minutes. After the operation, which lasts, patients can return home after 4-5 hours. After the operation, the person has very little bruising and swelling, and almost no pain is felt. MIR After the operation with the technique, the person returns to his social life more quickly, and it is appropriate to prefer this method for nose surgery before the wedding.

Filling method is ideal for those who are afraid of surgery

You want to have a nose like an inkwell before the wedding, but you are afraid of surgery. Brides-to-be, who wonder what shape your nose will look like after the surgery, will be able to get a new 8-month or 2-year-old nose with “filling material”. The period of 8 months or 2 years is the durability period of the fillers used, and at the end of this period, the filler will be absorbed by the body and the nose will gradually return to its original shape. Let’s remind now! Rhinoplasty with filling, 5-10 min. in a method.

In the wedding dress, decollete and face…

Wedding photos, which she will look at throughout her life after marriage, are almost more important than the wedding for every woman. In those photos, all the preparations made to come out with a glamorous beauty. Brides-to-be especially want their faces and breasts to be very good in order to look perfect in a wedding dress. Women who apply for facial wrinkles, eyebrow lifting and eyelid operations for a beautiful and flawless face, want their breasts to be lifted in order to carry the wedding dress, which is emphasized in almost every model, and those who complain about small breasts want their breasts to be enlarged. Breast prosthesis surgery is an operation performed under general anesthesia in hospital conditions. The silicone is placed behind the breast muscle by entering from the edge of the colored circle on the nipple. To obtain a natural appearance, prostheses with gel inside are preferred. There are no scars after the surgery. You can use the prosthesis for a lifetime without the need to change it, it does not explode.

The patient can leave the hospital and return home the same day after the operation. After a 2-3 day rest period, he can continue his normal life. After one month, the breast gains a completely natural appearance. It is no different from a normal breast when touched.

Timing is important in bachelorette aesthetics, and it is appropriate to do it 3-4 months before breast lift surgeries, as it will take time for the chest to take shape. For operations to be applied to the face or breasts, ladies will not encounter any problems on their honeymoon if they pay attention to the timing between the operation and the wedding ceremony.

prof. Dr. Erol Kislaoglu
Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist

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