Get rid of your wrinkles without losing your facial expressions


A new application area has been defined for Botox, which remains the most applied cosmetic initiative in the world: Microbotox.

The application and usage areas of Botox injections, which remain the most applied aesthetic procedure in the world, are increasing every year. The new version of Botox, in which diluted doses are injected into the skin more widely, became ‘Microbotox’.

The active ingredient of Botox is the purified form of a bacterial toxin called Botilismus toxin-A, and this substance, which acts on muscle cells, blocks nerve connections and paralyzes the muscle for a while. With this feature, Botox was used in the treatment of strabismus, swallowing disorders and anal fissures. It became one of the most widely used drugs in the world after it was noticed to prevent facial expression lines and started to be used for cosmetic purposes. It was used to reduce armpit and hand-foot sweating after it was understood that it affects not only the muscles but also the sweat glands in the skin. It was a good solution for migraine treatment.

The biggest difference of the Microbotox application, which is a very new concept yet, from the classical Botox application is that it targets the skin. Explaining that in microbotox applications, they inject Botox into the skin, not into the muscle, in more diluted doses, Yücel said, “This allows the removal of fine wrinkles on the skin without completely eliminating mimic movements. With the application, the patient gets rid of wrinkles without losing their facial expressions.

It is also applied in the décolleté area…

With Mikrobotox application, we get very effective results not only on the eye area and forehead, but also on the cheeks, chin edges, neck and décolleté area. In microbotox, the superficial part of the muscle, which is connected to the skin, is prevented from working. Added to this is the effect of skin tightening caused by the shrinkage of sweat and sebaceous glands, and as a result, the face is generally recovered. The clumps on the jaw edges are reduced. The skin is less oily, gaining a tighter appearance, wrinkles are reduced. As the sebaceous glands shrink, the development of acne and blackheads decreases. The pores on the skin shrink and there is a general recovery and tightening of the entire face and neck skin. Microbotox applications can be done in addition to the classical Botox application or alone”.

Other application areas of the method are the treatment of raised scars and keloids. The application, which reduces the swelling and tension in the scars by preventing the cells that cause the wound to contract, gives successful results, especially when used together with cortisone and laser treatment.

It is very important that the application is carried out by experienced and authorized physicians in Botox, and I believe that Microbotox applications, which give a more natural youth without losing facial expression, will become more common.

prof. Dr. Akin Yucel

President of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association (EPCD)

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