Get rid of your varicose veins with non-surgical interventional radiological methods

In its simplest definition, varicose veins are the increase in the diameter of the veins in the body, their enlargement and deterioration of the wall structure.

It is possible to evaluate leg varicose veins in two main groups.

The first group of them is varicose veins in terms of cosmetic. These are varicose veins that do not cause any health problems, but rarely cause vague complaints such as regional itching and pain. Currently, the most effective, easy and successful method for the treatment of these varicose veins is foam or liquid sclerotherapy.

The second group is called internal varicose veins among the people, which we can call a disease; is venous insufficiency. The problem here is the valve problem and it is progressive. It causes complaints of pain, night cramps, itching, feeling of fullness and swelling, especially in the spring months. In cases where it is not treated, it can progress and cause very difficult wounds to heal on the ankle or anterior leg.

Color Doppler ultrasonographic examination is the most important step in the treatment of venous insufficiency. Because venous insufficiency can cause leg wound.

Therefore, the treatment of venous insufficiency should not be delayed. The wound should be treated before it develops.

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