Genital area aesthetics in women

One of the important parts of a healthy, quality life; is to have a healthy sex life. healthy sex life; It requires being in the closest state to the ideal both organically and spiritually. Disruptions in sexual life are not limited to a limited moment in our daily life. Uncorrected and delayed problems related to sexual life may not improve on their own, or they may get worse. Moreover, these troubles can reduce the comfort of life and create a self-confidence problem in social life and other areas of daily life. For this reason, it is important that all problems affecting sexual life are shared and treated by physicians in related branches, if possible.

What are the Most Common Genital Area Cosmetic Problems in Women?

· Darkening of the skin of the genital area, formation of pigmentation (may be due to previous pregnancies, hormonal disorders, aging)

· Large and small lips appear deformed, drooping, enlarged

· Enlargement of the vagina, loss of tightness

Such deformations in the genital area cause cosmetic problems, and some functional problems may accompany these problems. Among them; There may be complaints such as urinary incontinence, pain during sexual intercourse, and inability to get sexual pleasure.

How can cosmetic problems observed in the genital area of ​​women be eliminated?

The aesthetic surgical intervention to be applied may vary depending on the problem.

Vaginoplasty: This surgical procedure is applied to tighten the vaginal wall that has lost its elasticity/tightness over the years. When this process is performed properly, it can correct the decrease in pleasure experienced by both the person and the partner during sexual intercourse.

Labiaplasty: It is a surgical procedure performed to remove sagging in the inner lips over the years. After this procedure, positive results are obtained in the appearance of the inner lips. At the same time, it is ensured that the negativities caused by these sagging, such as pain during sexual intercourse, are eliminated.

Fat injection: Especially in women who lose a lot of weight, sagging and shape deformation occur in the inner lips. Fat filling procedures to be performed in these patients cause a positive improvement in the shape of the small lips.

Chemical peeling: discolored genitals after pigmentationPositive results can be obtained from chemical peeling processes carried out in the region.

To Whom Are Genital Area Aesthetic Surgery Performed in Women?

Genital area aesthetic surgeries can be applied to women who think that they have cosmetic or functional problems related to this area, if deemed appropriate by the physician.

In this group of patients,

· Congenital deformity / asymmetry / discoloration

· One or more pregnancy/postpartum deformities

· Women who have deformation in their tissues due to aging apply.

What should I pay attention to before these surgeries?

· As in other surgical interventions, you should discuss with your plastic surgeon very well what you expect from this operation and to what extent this operation can meet your expectations.

· You should prepare yourself spiritually for the restrictive process you will experience during and after the operation.

· You should inform your responsible physician very well about your current medical condition. In particular, you are currently using; Knowing drugs such as cardiovascular system drugs, nervous system drugs, psychiatry drugs, antibiotics, hormone drugs, etc. is very important for the success of the operation and preparations for anesthesia.

· If possible, you should stop smoking 2 weeks in advance.

· If you are using blood thinners (aspirin, etc.), you should stop taking these drugs at least 8 days before taking the opinion of your doctor who recommended this drug to you and informing your responsible plastic surgeon.

· If you are using phytotherapy products such as medical supplements and herbal teas, you must inform your responsible physician.

Is Genital Aesthetic Surgery a Major Surgery?

There is no distinction between important or unimportant surgery in medicine and all surgeries are important. Genital area aesthetic surgeries are operations that should be performed in the operating room environment of the hospital. These surgeries are usually performed under general anesthesia in order to ensure maximum patient comfort. However, some genital aesthetic surgeries can be performed with spinal or local anesthesia, provided that the patient and physician review the pros and cons together.

What kind of a process is experienced after genital area surgeries?

Genital area aesthetic patients are usually rested for a while after the surgery and discharged to their homes on the same day. However, patients with special conditions can be accommodated in the hospital for one night. While the patients are discharged to their homes, their prescriptions are arranged. Among the prescribed drugs, there will be painkillers to prevent pain, antibiotics to prevent infections, and solutions to provide local cleaning. Although it is not a requirement, it would be appropriate to rest for a week. After 3-4 weeks, the restriction of sexual intercourse is lifted. It would be appropriate to avoid very heavy sports activities in the first month.

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