Genital area is confidential and personal.

In the past, aesthetic surgeries on the face, chest and abdomen were predominant, but nowadays, vaginal aesthetic surgeries have become increasingly common.

Now women see beauty as a whole and may request vaginal aesthetic surgeries for different reasons, depending on their cultural structure and personality traits.

These vaginal aesthetic surgeries can be applied not only for aesthetic and beauty concerns, but also for eliminating many different health problems.

One of the causes of sexual dysfunction is the dislike of the genitals. Some women have problems such as avoiding sex, not being active during sex and not getting pleasure from sex because they find the genital area ugly.

Many women complain that their Labia Minora (Inner Lips) is a bit large or drooping.

Sometimes the very dark color of the genital area can cause discomfort.

Another condition is the enlargement of the vaginal canal after childbirth or the genetically wide canal is among the causes of complaints.

This situation makes it difficult for both women and men to get pleasure during sexual intercourse.

All these problems can be treated with extremely simple methods.

Lightening the color of the genital area is also possible with laser treatment applied in our clinic.


vaginal tightening

Vaginal itching – burning and pain relief

Vaginal dryness treatment

Vaginismus (inability to have sexual intercourse)

All these problems are treated with Laser, and a more comfortable and painless, more comfortable and more enjoyable sexual life is provided.

Since the vaginal canal narrows and tightens with this treatment, the problem of URINARY INCONTINENCE is also treated.

In women, sexual dissatisfaction may occur during intercourse between the spouses as the vagina loosens and loses its former tightness. The enlarged vaginal canal creates sexual dissatisfaction in women as well as in men. Thus, the expected pleasure from the relationship cannot be obtained in the sexual life of the spouses.

Now this problem with laser; It is solved with an extremely effective method, without the need for surgery, without any pain, painless and takes a very short time.

This situation, which could only be corrected with surgery before, is an indication of how much laser technology has developed in medicine.

How Is Vaginal Tightening With Laser Applied?

The vaginal area is entered with a cap suitable for the structure of the vaginal area. Each area is scanned 360 degrees at 1 centimeter intervals and continued along the vaginal canal.

Laser shots applied to this area stimulate the synthesis of collagen in the vaginal canal, renewing that area, making it thicker and thus narrowing the canal.

Your transaction; The fact that it is non-surgical, without anesthesia, has no complications, and is a painless and short-term procedure makes it extremely comfortable and comfortable for both the doctor and the patient.

The results are extremely effective and satisfying.

The quality of the patient’s sexual life increases at a high rate.

This procedure also treats the problem of urinary incontinence, which creates a really serious health problem and gives the patient a hard time, not only for the correction of sexual life, since it also corrects the problem of urinary incontinence, especially in women who have given birth a lot.


External genital structure; outer lips (labium majus), inner lips (labium minus), clitoris and vagina.

If labiaplastyIt is the process of correcting the sagging and deformities of the inner or outer lips.

One of the causes of sexual dysfunction is the dislike of the genitals. Some women have problems such as avoiding sex, not being active during sex and not getting pleasure from sex because they find the genital area ugly.

What is the cause of sagging in the inner lips?

Changes in tissue elasticity due to the genetic structure of the person, the number of births, smoking and alcohol use, and aging can cause sagging and deformations in the inner lips. However, in spite of everything, structurally, sometimes only one-sided large and drooping inner lip can be seen in young women.

Sagging Labia Minoras are reduced by excision with a special technique under sterile conditions. Thus, it is ensured that the patient has an external genitalia in the desired size and shape.

How is sexuality affected after vaginal aesthetics?

It has been observed that there is a very positive change in the sexual life of the patients after the procedure, when this problem of women who do not like their genital area and therefore cannot be active during intercourse and experience insecurity. Especially after the labiaplasty procedure, the self-confidence of people increases significantly and it becomes easier to focus on sexual intercourse.

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