Genital Aesthetics Provides Solution to Both Physical and Psychological Problems

The concepts of aesthetics and beauty have become the focus of attention in every period throughout the history of civilization. In particular, women’s revealing the beautiful in their own bodies in every aspect of their lives and beautifying the areas they do not consider aesthetic with various methods have been experienced in different ways in every period.

The concept of genital aesthetics, which has been widely heard in recent years, can be realized in a reliable and comfortable way thanks to today’s technical possibilities. Genital aesthetic applications generally preferred by women; It can be divided according to application areas as Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty and Perinoplasty.

In addition to genetic factors, the female external genitalia can be deformed due to difficult and multiple births. As a result of this deformation, sagging and color changes may occur. Sometimes, the congenital inner lips are not of equal size, even a serious deformity in one lip and a difference in size compared to the other makes the woman emotionally uncomfortable. In particular, sagging problems experienced in the inner lips can increase the risk of infection, although they are visually far from aesthetics. These deformations on the inner lips of the genital organ, also known as labium minus labiaplastyresolved with the application.

Why is Genital Aesthetics Needed?

As a result of advanced age, multiple and frequent births or different gynecological interventions, the vagina loses its elastic structure and may experience serious relaxation. This situation can prevent getting pleasure during sexual intercourse and sometimes it can cause urinary incontinence problems. Today, vaginal enlargement can be eliminated with vaginoplasty, which is also defined as vaginal tightening. Vaginoplasty application; It is based on the discipline of narrowing the vaginal canal and vaginal entrance. Vaginoplasty surgery performed under general anesthesia takes about 1 hour and if it is performed by an experienced physician, the probability of a complication is very low. There is no pain or pain after the surgery.

As a result of overweight or interventional births, tearing or sagging may occur in the area between the vagina entrance and anus, called the perineum. The surgery performed to eliminate the deformations in the perineum is defined as perinoplasty.

It is of great importance that genital aesthetic applications are applied by avoiding all risk factors. Otherwise, infection, painful sexual intercourse or an aesthetic appearance may occur.

Among the frequently asked questions are which doctors should apply genital aesthetic applications. The female genital shadow is quite complex and complex. For this reason, it is recommended that aesthetic applications be applied by experienced gynecology specialists.

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