Genital aesthetics – labiaplasty


Incisions made by doctors to facilitate the exit of the baby during birth sometimes leave bad scars in the perineum due to wound healing problems. These scars not only remind the woman of childbirth, but also come to her hands while cleaning herself in the toilet every day and make her unhappy. These scars can be lost with minor procedures and can take their old shape.


Small lips are located between the big lips, sometimes they are larger than normal, and they may cause discomfort when using trousers or underwear. Or, although it does not cause physical discomfort, it may disturb the person as an image. Therefore, it may embarrass him when he looks in the mirror or has sex with his partner. There are many techniques to make these small organs desirable. Each one should be chosen individually. Laser tissue dissection in labiaplasty contributes to wound healing and clean wound formation.

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