Genital aesthetics in women and men

Genital aesthetic surgeries are generally performed to increase the self-confidence of the person, to make the appearance more beautiful and to make the partner happy. In women, surgeries such as vaginal tightening, inner and outer lips, clitoris, G spot, pubis region are preferred. In men, more penis enlargement and thickening surgeries are on the agenda.

Genital aesthetics in women

Inner lip surgeries
Labiaplasty surgeries are the name given to the aesthetic correction of the inner lips. Structurally asymmetrical, larger than normal and irregular in shape, it causes psychological discomfort in women and even cannot enjoy sexual intercourse for this reason. In addition, the asymmetrical and larger-than-normal inner lips of the vagina may cause pain during sexual intercourse. It increases the risk of vaginal infections and can cause foul-smelling vaginal discharge. Inner lip operation does not damage the hymen. There is no loss of sexual pleasure, on the contrary, it has an enhancing effect. Inner lip surgery takes about 30 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. Inner lip operation must be performed by experienced gynecology specialists.

Vaginal tightening
The vagina can be structurally wide. This enlargement for certain reasons reduces the quality of sexual intercourse. The purpose of vaginal tightening surgery is to eliminate this enlargement, and to rejuvenate and narrow the vagina. It can be done by obstetricians or plastic surgeons. Vagina tightening operation is an incision operation. This application can be done by the usual conventional means or by laser application. By removing pieces from the mucosa, the muscles on the inside of the vagina are narrowed by stitching them on top of each other. It takes about 1-1.5 hours. Local or general anesthesia can be optionally performed in vaginal tightening operations.

Clitoris aesthetics
The clitoris is one of the most important female genitalia. It covers great importance for orgasm and healthy sex life. The clitoris is anatomically and embryologically equivalent to the male penis, but it is not pierced by the urethra like the penis. Its function is sexual pleasure and orgasm. Generally, the complaint of patients who want to have clitoris aesthetics is not being able to orgas. Doctors recommend a plastic surgery in the form of reducing and opening the skin surrounding the clitoris from the outside. However, usually in patients who come for labiaplasty surgery, clitoris aesthetics is also necessary. In such cases, if only labiaplasty is performed, the excess on the clitoris on the front side is more disturbing. Reducing the clitoris itself is the last resort method when performing clitoris aesthetics. It is often sufficient to reduce only the tissues on the clitoris.

Pubic aesthetics
The area called pubis is the protruding part below the navel. It has a tense appearance at a young age, but it may sag in later ages. If there is sagging in this area, it should be hung up and the excess skin should be removed. This surgery can also be performed together with tummy tuck surgery. If this area is overly prominent, the patient’s biggest complaint is the appearance when wearing trousers. In this case, liposuction is applied to the pubis. It can be applied with local anesthesia and sedation. The biggest problem in pubis aesthetics is the appearance of the big lips if they are lifted too high.

Genital aesthetics in men
Plastic surgeries of the penis; lengthening, increasing the thickness and correction operations if there are curvatures. In penis enlargement surgeries, first of all, oil must be obtained and prepared for the intervention. In overweight people, the area we call the penis root or pubic region is usually fat, so the penis is buried in it and looks shorter than it is. For this reason, removing the fat from this area will reveal the penis more and show its true length. Fat is taken with a special method and injector without the need for any incision, and it is specially prepared for injection and injected.
Plastic surgery methods applied to enlarge the penis size are limited. The most commonly used method is to cut a part of the ligaments that connect the penis and the body, remove the penile tissue remaining inside, and slide the skin over it from the sides. Thus, 2-3 cm additional enlargement is gained to the penis.

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