Genital Aesthetics

Genital aesthetic methods applied in the world have been widely used for the solution of many problems in our country in recent years. Today, while women do not compromise on their inner and outer beauty, they do not avoid transactions that can make them happy.

One of the most common genital aesthetic problems is the size of the outer and inner lips and sagging. Especially in young women, this disorder is seen quite a lot, and our young girls cannot express that they are uncomfortable with this situation, maybe they cannot express themselves with shame. In addition, when the woman’s body undergoes changes for various reasons, some problems may occur.

Destructions after vaginal delivery: All of the operations that provide solutions to problems such as width, sagging, color change in the vagina, opening of sutures after episiotomy (perineal rupture) that may occur is a concept called genital aesthetic surgery.

  The psychology of the woman who does not find her own body beautiful is negatively affected, her self-confidence decreases and she may experience problems in her relationship with the opposite sex.

Because of this situation, the problems that we often encounter in married couples are sometimes not mentioned, there are disagreements between the couples. 

Parts that make up the genital structure:

  • vaginaWhen it comes to the enlargement of the vagina and the reduction of orgasm after birth, intervention is made, the vagina is narrowed and a successful result is obtained when the G-spot is filled for aesthetics.

  • hymen (Hymen) ) The hymen at the entrance of the vagina may be damaged in some undesirable situations. In this case, the hymen can be repaired. This operation can be performed under office conditions by applying sedation and local anesthesia.

  • Big lips (Labium majus) Sometimes the outer lips may be structurally longer, larger or asymmetrical. Although it is not a medical problem, it is an aesthetically disturbing situation.

Small lips (Labium minus) The fact that the labia minora (inner lips) are significantly larger than the outer lips and are irregular may cause the need for correction of these conditions in women. Pain during sexual intercourse, discomfort from the small lips, sports, swimsuits or tight pants and tights cause problems. Apart from this, women should have an external genital area aesthetic (labiaplasty) operation as a result of only a visual problem.

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