Genital Aesthetics

While beauty is more important for women, the importance of aesthetic and beautiful appearance is increasing for both sexes today.
At the same time, the solution methods of women’s aesthetic problems that make them unhappy are increasing and getting easier.
These methods are not only aesthetic, but also functional and reconstructive (corrective) procedures. For these reasons, the number of people seeking solutions in the world has increased significantly in recent years.
However, a significant number of women are not aware of their aesthetic problems.
A woman who does not find herself aesthetically beautiful begins to experience psychological problems.
His self-confidence decreases, he does not want to take care of himself and has problems in his relationship with the opposite sex.
Aesthetically correct genital area eliminates the problem of self-confidence between spouses. Aesthetic problems of the genital area cause problems such as insecurity, sexual inadequacy, dissatisfaction and embarrassment in women.
Structural problems in the genital area can be obvious from the outside of the clothes or even prevent women from wearing the clothes they want.
Structural differences, color and shape changes in the genital area can be genetic and congenital, as well as with age, births and hormones.
Pregnancy itself can also increase vaginal enlargement. In other words, even if the pregnancy ends with a cesarean section, some vaginal enlargement occurs.
In some of the young women who have not experienced gynecological processes such as childbirth and abortion, a congenital structural problem of ‘wide and smooth vagina’ can be observed. Although this problem is rarely observed, it may need to be treated.
Among the aesthetic operations performed in the genital area, the most preferred ones by women are usually vaginal tightening and lip aesthetics (usually reduction) operations.
In addition, aesthetic operations of the outer lips and surgical removal of the excess skin on the clitoris, called Hudoplasty, are among the frequently performed genital aesthetic operations.
These surgical procedures also provide many hygienic benefits for women.
This will improve in women with easy and frequent infections.
While these operations can be performed on all women over the age of 18, there is no harm in performing some operations on singles.
Genital aesthetic surgery procedures do not prevent pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, and do not harm sexuality and the hymen.
The form of the operation is determined by the examination findings and the wishes of the person.
You can be discharged on the same day after the operation, there is no serious pain, the stitches do not need to be removed and you can return to your daily life immediately.

Genital Aesthetic and Functional Operations:
1. Vaginal tightening – Vaginoplasty
2. Repair of tear and incision scars (episiotomy) after normal delivery – Perinoplasty
3. Reduction and shaping of labia minora (Labium minus) – Labiaplasty
4. Reduction (Liposuction) and filling of large lips (Labium majus)
5. Genital area bleaching (whitening)
6. G-spot filler
7. Clitoris and surrounding excess skin reduction surgery – Clitoropexy, Hudoplasty
8. Mons pubis (Venus) aesthetics, reduction and filling – Liposuction, Puboplasty
9. Vaginal rejuvenation and dryness
10. Surgery of genital deformities
11. Surgery of genital prolapses
12. Surgery, radiofrequency, PRP, and laser therapy
13. Pleasure (Orgasm) problems
14. Treatment of urinary incontinence
15. Shaping of the epithelium – Hymenoplasty

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