Genital Aesthetics

Genital Aesthetics – What is Vagina Aesthetics?

Today, with the importance of sexual life, it is the sexual aesthetic and medical surgeries performed for people to have smoothness in their genital area, to feel confident and to have a healthy sexual relationship with their partners.

The operations performed to give an aesthetic appearance to the genital area as a whole are called Genital Aesthetics.

What is Vaginal Aesthetics, Vaginal Tightening, Vaginaplasty?

There are enlargements in the vaginal area for various reasons. The process of tightening the vagina is called Vaginal Aesthetic surgery. Another name for this surgery is VAGINOPLASTY. In this surgery, the vagina is also tightened.

Vaginal enlargement occurs in people who have had more than one birth with normal delivery. Sometimes it is found in women with a wide vagina, even if they do not give birth. This surgery is performed on these people. It can be done with both local and general anesthesia. You can have sexual intercourse 5 weeks after the operation.

Nowadays, women live their sexuality more consciously. They can easily talk to doctors and their close friends about the sexual region problems that they used to be afraid to talk about. Although the problems are not talked about, the genital area and vagina shapes are spoken more easily now. Thanks to the Internet, the normal shape can be observed better. Observing and being aware that the appearance of the genital organ is different from the normal shape causes a lack of self-confidence in women’s sexual life, but also causes unhappiness in their sexual life.

These surgeries are performed by both plastic surgeons and obstetricians today. We believe that if vaginoplasty alone is sufficient to eliminate dissatisfaction in genital area problems, obstetricians and gynecologists should perform these operations. In terms of its anatomical structure, the vagina is in the field of expertise of gynecologists and obstetricians. If it is a vaginoplasty operation to be performed with labiaplasty, the plastic surgeon and the obstetrician enter our operations together.

What is Labiaplasty?

The process of repairing the small lips in the genital area is called LABIOPLASTY. There are situations where the lips protrude more than normal.

Nowadays, women can talk to each other more easily about their genital areas. They can also examine the normal shapes of the genital anatomy on the Internet. Sometimes, they can learn about deformities in the genital area by their partners. In this case, sexual, hygiene and aesthetic disorders are experienced. It is noticeable from the outside in underwear, bikini. The outer and inner lips are larger than normal and drooping.

With this surgery, the lips are given the normal shape they should be. General anesthesia is preferred for the comfort of the patient and a more successful surgical procedure. It can also be done with local anesthesia. The recovery period is 15 days.

The fact that women are virgins is not an obstacle to this surgery. The hymen is not touched. Urinary problems are not experienced. There is no obstacle to giving birth.

Only if labiaplasty surgery alone is sufficient, it can be performed by plastic surgeons. The aim is to give an aesthetic appearance and to eliminate deformities.

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