Genital Aesthetics

In studies conducted in the United States, genital aesthetic operations have taken the first place in recent years. While the demand for facelift and breast aesthetics has decreased by 18%, the demand for vaginal aesthetic operations has increased by 30%. Among women, the correction of the labia majora (labiaplasty) and the narrowing and editing of the vagina are the new trends.

Why do women demand plastic surgery on their genitals?
Among the organic-caused sexual problems, disorders due to congenital or subsequent structural disorders in the genitals of women have an important place.

Enlarged or asymmetrical outer lips can cause some problems. Sensitivity to rubbing against underwear or sexual intercourse, urination, during sports, while riding a bicycle. In these cases, we can take action from a medical point of view. But increasingly, we have patients who request it for cosmetic-aesthetic reasons. An important group among them sees this as necessary from a professional point of view. For example, those who work as dancers, actresses and models.
This procedure can be applied to both inner lips and outer lips. There are different operating techniques. However, considering the Labium (inner-outer lips), Clitoris and the tissue covering the Clitoris as a whole, and correcting the entire region will give the best results. Expectations and what can be done should be discussed in detail with the patient before the operation, and unrealistic expectations should not be put into place.
Many women find their genitalia unsightly and their vaginas wide after giving birth. Some patients say that water constantly leaks into their vaginas during showering and swimming, and they experience chronic infections and irritation problems due to this. With a detailed examination before the operation, the region to be treated should be determined and shared with the patient. No incision should be made on the skin at the entrance to the vagina. Because this area is very sensitive to pain and the incisions and stitches in that area will not help narrowing.

Recovery period and complications
Although rare, infection, bleeding, wound healing problems, disturbing scar tissue and post-correction asymmetries may occur in labiaplasty. After the first 7-10 days, tenderness, pain and discharge decrease. The patient is sent home on the same day and can start working the next day. The patient who stays in for a maximum of two nights in vaginal tightening can return to his normal life after a week. However, in both cases, sauna, swimming, intercourse, some sports, running, cycling are not recommended for the first 4-6 weeks.

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