Genital Aesthetic Surgeries

In these days when the concept of beauty is perceived as a whole, like other aesthetic operations,

Vaginal aesthetic operations are also becoming widespread rapidly. Especially after vaginal delivery

disorders and enlargements may occur. Many people

Although he is uncomfortable with this situation in terms of aesthetics, he complains about these complaints due to the feeling of shame and hesitation.

cannot express. Another problem with vaginal aesthetics is seen especially in young girls.

It is the fact that the inner lips are large or drooping in the genital area. This situation is both physical and psychological.

causes many difficulties.

Vaginal width or large inner lips also negatively affect sexual intercourse,

It can lead to a decrease in the self-confidence of women and different psychological problems.

Today’s woman can improve her quality of life with very simple interventions instead of experiencing such anxieties.

wants to increase.

The average duration of vaginal plastic surgeries is 20-30 minutes. 5-6 patients after the operation

It is enough to stay in the hospital for an hour. There is no need to remove the stitches after the surgery,

After about a month, normal sexual life can begin.

Benefits of this surgery:

Gaining a more aesthetic appearance of the genitals and increasing self-confidence

Minimizing urinary incontinence problems

Getting more pleasure from sexual intercourse

It is very important, such as keeping the genital area drier and reducing the risk of getting a vaginal infection.

has a number of benefits.

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