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Nuray Kazandı, the founder of the Children’s Academy, Special Education Specialist, stated that thanks to the education programs, the problems of children with autism with the environment have been removed, and also offered suggestions to parents.

Nuray Kazandı, Special Education Specialist of Early Childhood Education and Development, said that games, which are the most natural learning tool for children with autism, help children discover themselves. He stated that with the education programs implemented in the Children’s Academy, of which he is the founder, they have eliminated the communication problem of children with autism with the environment, “Play is the language of the child, toys are their words. Children experience the emotions and thoughts they experience with the way they play and produce solutions for the problems they experience. In this context, play therapy is an important tool that enables children to reveal their feelings and thoughts. Winner emphasized that they use JASPER (joint attention, symbolic play, participation) Treatment and Approach, Floortime and child-centered play therapies at the Children’s Academy.

Communication problem disappears

Explaining the effects of play therapy on children with autism, Kazandı said, “Games, which are the most natural learning tool for children with autism, help children discover and express themselves. Children with autism, who test, try and reinforce what they hear and see, can do these behaviors thanks to play therapy. When play therapy is applied on the child in the most appropriate way, the problem of communication with the environment, which is the most important effect of autism, begins to disappear over time. Children who begin to express their feelings and thoughts very easily gain their experiences through games. Children who take on different roles during play therapy try to understand the world through their own senses.

His skills are improving

Emphasizing that game skills make a great contribution to the development of children, Kazandı continued as follows: “Games; It provides important opportunities for increasing the willingness to the education process, developing motor skills, learning new skills and strengthening communication skills. During the game, children have the opportunity to develop both their muscle and mental skills.

By playing various games, children learn to distinguish objects, which object they can use where, and to establish relationships between different objects. Thanks to these games, they begin to meet many of their basic needs in daily life, such as eating, on their own.”


Nuray Kazandı stated that parents have a great responsibility in this regard and said, “Observe your child carefully; follow the natural pattern they create in their play. Because this will support them to interact with you. When playing with it, try to create a positive memory password. This is something that stands out to make the interaction memorable and can be used to start the game again. This can be a song, rhyme, gesture or object. When playing with toys, be sure to retain their role in the activity so that your child does not focus solely on the object. Involve siblings and other children in play as much as possible. Look for opportunities to play in everyday life, such as washing, reading, painting, walking to school, going to the park. Separate play and communication applications should be designed for each child with autism. It should not be forgotten that the pace of development of communication and play skills differs in all children.”

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