Game and reality – Donald W. winnicott

Winnicott expressed his criticism by saying, “For Freud, the purpose was important, not the object,” even though he said he did not leave Freud. Proceeding from the Kleinian line, he brought important information about the concept of “game” to psychoanalysis. She stated that the child had unintegrated and scattered experiences and defended the concept of “mother or even good enough motherhood” in these experiences. He wrote that by asking the mother to “depersonalize” to her child’s wishes, in this way the child’s illusion of omnipotence would be replaced by a sense of reality without being overly damaged. He stated that if the mother strongly interferes, the child will form a “Fake Self” and will live according to the demands of the mother and others for life. Trust in the mother is provided through “experience”.

Transition Object: Coming out of the illusion, the child seeks an object to substitute for his mother’s omnipotent control. She stated that this experience will be between 4-6, 8-12 months depending on the development, and that boys can choose objects for hard objects and girls can choose objects for getting a family. The transition object represents the “partial nozzle”. The Baby—Creates the Object (in order to find the Externality itself)—The Object Waits (To be Created, Emotion Deposited). The object is the symbol of the “unity” of baby and mother. Cultural experience begins with play. playing games; It is part of the object relation. The transitional object may replace the fetish object in the future.

Comforting Object: Mother Obsession

Soothing Object: Independent

Dating Object: Late Maturation

Protective Object: Hidden Psychopathy

The transition period is necessary for the relationship with the outside world. A good enough maternal transitional object process is essential. He defined playing as a sublimation of instinct and playing as an “intermediate zone” that is neither inside nor outside. He stated that this buffer zone will be left to activities in the fields of culture, religion and art in the future. The game; is the instability of controlling internal (spiritual experience) and real objects. The trust in the mother creates the “potential space” for the game. Even the anxiety in the game is satisfying. But it is dangerous when the limit of anxiety is exceeded. An individual can discover himself only when he is creative. Maternity care of the individual; draws defense patterns and sublimation schemes. with the masculine element of personality; the feminine element in relation to objects; Identity with the object provides the basis of existence.

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