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What is the G spot?

The G spot was first described in 1944 by the German scientist Ernest Graefenberg.
Where is the G spot? In women, the G spot is located on the anterior surface of the vagina, halfway between the symphisis pubis and the cervix. It is believed to be extremely sensitive to deep pressure.

There have been various speculations about the existence of the G-spot in the past. In this area, which is known to be in the same region as the male prostate (men’s G spot), it was thought that there was a gland that secreted prostatic acid phosphatase into the urethra. Because sometimes the secretion was so abundant that women seemed to ejaculate during orgasm. When this fluid, which is thought to be related to ejaculation in women, is examined, it has been proven that this fluid is urine, not prostatic fluid. It is common for women who do not normally have urinary incontinence to leak urine during orgasm. This is a common condition in women and does not require medical intervention.
In a study conducted in 2009, two groups were compared, and the thickness of the region corresponding to the G-spot in women was measured between the vagina and the bladder. It was proven that orgasm was easier in women with thicker G-spot region. rates were very low. Based on these results, injections of various substances were tried in this area to enlarge or plump this area, and ultimately it was determined that collagen was the most successful filler.

G Spot Injection

It is a non-surgical, temporary and simple treatment method that should be applied by a doctor in sexually active women. A type of collagen is used for this treatment. Collagen is carefully produced and stored in the laboratory with various engineering techniques, and delivered to the physician in ready-to-use injectors. This product is FDA-approved, biological, and unlike other types of collagen, it can be used without allergy or skin testing. In the pilot study, an increase in sexual arousal was observed in 87% of the women who received the injection (G-spot orgasm), and the effect lasts for 3-4 months.






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