G point

For the first time, in an article published in the journal “International Journal of Sexology” by gynecologist Dr. Ernest Grafenberg in 1950, a sensitive area on the anterior wall of the vagina in women was mentioned. Later in 1982, this area was re-marked by Alive Kahn Ladas, and this point was given the name “Grafenberg point” or abbreviated “G Spot”, after the name of the first person who mentioned it.

In most women, the most sensitive place for sexuality is the clitoris, and the strongest orgasm occurs when this area is stimulated. Other sexually sensitive areas of a woman are the breasts, nipples, labia (lips), and vagina. The G spot is the most sensitive area of ​​the vagina, and most women enjoy this spot more than other parts of the vagina.

The G spot is a few inches in size and a protein called PDE-5 is secreted from this area during sexual intercourse. For this reason, women with a high PDE-5 Protein Secretion and a large Skene Gudde have an easier orgasm.

The G spot is located inside the ceiling of the vagina, not the ceiling. Approximately 3-4 cm inside the vaginal entrance, on the upper wall, right next to the urinary canal, there are “skene glands” that produce fluid similar to the prostate gland in men, and masculine tissue with contractile properties. This tissue is called the G spot, and after stimulation, stimulation occurs with the increase in its secretion. Skene glands surround the urinary tract (urethra) like the prostate gland in men. After all, the source of the famous pleasure is not the upper wall of the vagina, but these glands and the duct parts of the glands.

Stimulation of the G spot before sexual intercourse activates hormonal metabolism, causes intense sexuality in the brain, an increase in heart rate, a sense of warmth and acceleration of respiration are observed. Behind a good and quality orgasm lies the stimulation of the G spot as well as patience, understanding and harmony.

Just like women, men also have a “G spot”. This area 3-5 cm inside the anus and between the penis and anus is extremely sensitive. Some men can even have an orgasm just by stimulating these areas.

How Does It Feel?

With the continuous stimulation of the G spot during sexual intercourse, first of all, a urine sensation occurs and this feeling turns into pleasure as long as the stimulation continues. While it is not possible for a woman to have an orgasm with only the stimulation of the G spot without sexual stimulation, on the other hand, a woman can reach orgasm without manual stimulation, even just by daydreaming in her mind. It should not be forgotten that our “biggest and most important” sexual organ is our brain.

G Shot Process

Today, G spot augmentation (G Shot) can be performed with hyaluronic acid and fat injection.

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