Fungal Diseases

Fungal Diseases
Like bacteria, fungi are microorganisms. Fungi, especially the types we call dermatophytes, contain keratin.
It loves tissues such as the upper layer of the skin, hair and nails, and causes disease in these areas.
Moisture must be present for the fungus to settle. On the occurrence of fungal diseases
the main reason is always contamination from another fungal tissue. This may also be due to nature
from humans too. Especially in the summer months, the infection of the fungal disease is quite high with the neglect of the necessary precautions.
it gets easier. Especially with people with weakened immune systems, taking antibiotics and young children.
Fungal infections are more common.
Fungal diseases usually occur in the toes and groin. Mushroom types vary
Even there is no significant change in treatment.

Tinea pedis (Foot Fungus);
It is a fungal disease that usually affects the toes. Generalized whitening, peeling and itching
are symptoms. In more advanced cases, infection may occur. dermatophyte or candida to athlete’s foot
It can be caused by a yeast called yeast. If the patient is questioned well, similar complaints can be seen in other family members.
can also be seen. Generally, by wearing the same slippers, socks and shoes from person to person, baths
or in places such as pools, or while wearing boots for a long time during military service.

Tinea corporis;
It is the name of a fungal disease that occurs in any area of ​​​​the body. From an area of ​​fungus on the body
It starts with the complaint of redness, scaling, itching and spreads to the periphery in the form of a ring. most common
groins and hands are involved. The groin is the most common in men, and the chest, which forms a moist area in women.
visible below. The yeast we call candida in women under the breasts and in the diaper area in children
Fungus is often the causative agent.

The first step in the treatment of fungal diseases is to eliminate the necessary causes for the formation of fungi.
is to be removed. It is effective to dry the area thoroughly and use powder in order to dehumidify the area.
it could be. In addition, cleaning of personal products such as shoes, slippers, towels, underwear, nail clippers
It is important. In addition, these products should belong to the person and should not be in common use. Mushrooms
In the treatment of the disease, the cleanliness of the patient’s family or housemates is very important. Necessary
cases, they should be included in the treatment.

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