Functional Aesthetic Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty, as it is known, is an operation that results in nose shape changes.

It can be a part of a series of combined operations in which functional disorders in the nose are corrected, as well as an operation performed only for aesthetic concerns of the person.

Aesthetic concerns are all about how we perceive the concept of beauty.

I think it would be right to start this topic with the word meaning of beauty. Beauty a perceptual pleasure of a living thing, a concrete object or an abstract concept; it is a pleasing state. In fact, it is a transcendent concept. A trigger that initiates transmission in our sense organs.

Can all beauty be seen with the naked eye?

Is it a concept that can be limited and shaped?

No matter how hard I thought, I could never limit the beautiful. I am aware that there is a very broad spectrum in my brain regarding that concept. This is something that makes my job both easier and more difficult. I often feel that the predicament of perceiving the beauty in people leads them to change. Or it’s a case of the beauty spectrum in their brains. Maybe it’s variable; people’s environment, environment, job, relationship and of course time… are the most important factors that shape the concepts. But time… ahhh time you are so cruel and instructive. Time is actually a sensation, not a set of numbers flowing as taught. Time is one dimension. Of course, the effects of such a broad concept on us are also quite large.

Time can create changes in all the thoughts in our minds, as well as in the perception of beauty that we create in our brain. What looked good yesterday may look bad today. The concept of beauty can change depending on where we look, how we look, and even how long we examine it. If you examine something deeply enough to see the smallest details, you will begin to see the ugly side as well as the beautiful side. The more a person examines his face, the more faults he will find in himself. It’s a matter of how much time you spend. It is obvious how much we look in the mirror and how much we can take care of ourselves in the hustle and bustle of daily life, I think we all felt this most closely during the pandemic, when there were home restrictions. We were able to return to ourselves during the time of home restrictions and we were actually quite focused on how we could make ourselves happier. Many were interested in her face, body, personality traits. Some of them added new features and hobbies that they wanted to add to themselves, while others were more interested in the areas of their face that they wanted to change and decided because there was more time to make a decision.

In fact, we all realized how important health is. We understood the importance of being able to breathe more. Breath…the beginning of life, the beginning of respiration, the beginning of smelling, the beginning of enjoying food…in fact, it would be a long article to describe how important the nose is.

The nose is in my eyes the gateway to our inner world… Don’t think it’s related to my branch, it’s definitely not. Life begins with breathing, right breathing begins with the nose. Those who have functional problems in the nose know very well how tired and exhausted we become when we cannot breathe through the nose and how much our quality of life decreases. We all feel this during the smallest upper respiratory tract infection we have ever had. At that time, we could neither smell nor taste the food, even our sleep would be unhealthy and inadequate. Imagine that this is constant, that’s how functional nose problems are, you have constant breathing difficulties, but you think it’s normal. However, you realize what it means to breathe correctly when an improvement is achieved with an operation.

Functional nasal problems can sometimes only be related to the inside of the nose, or sometimes they are caused by disorders in the outer roof of the nose, and sometimes both problems are together. In such cases, we, otolaryngologists, are the people who find a solution to your problem.

In my medical practice, I have observed that both problems coexist in most of my patients. But of course, those who only have aesthetic concerns and do not have a breathing problem in their nose; There are also quite a lot of patients who only have respiratory problems but do not have any aesthetic problems.

If both functional problems and aesthetic concerns are together, it is very important for patients to solve both problems in a single operation in the postoperative period. Continuing with life with a nose that has a respiratory problem after the surgery he had done with aesthetic anxiety will create a serious regret in the patient. In fact, the surgery he enjoyed will cause a decrease in his quality of life. Solving this problem is possible by performing a detailed pre-operative examination. The nose is not just an aesthetic organ and this should never be forgotten. I think this is also an important situation in terms of the concept of beauty, because beauty is not just something that can be perceived with the eyes, but it should also appeal to all our senses.

As a result; My request from our esteemed patients who are considering aesthetic rhinoplasty is that they do not make hasty decisions and that they contact the doctor they will be operated with face to face and have a one-on-one examination with that doctor.

We wish you to have beautiful and functional noses that breathe well, make life more enjoyable and high quality for you…

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