Full Porcelain Crowns

The most important feature that distinguishes full porcelain jacket crowns from other aesthetic applications is that infrastructural materials such as metal or zirconium are not used to support the porcelain. They are prepared from special porcelain with a reinforced structure.

They have superior aesthetic properties as they best imitate the light transmitting property of natural teeth. This reaction they show in the face of light causes the crown to look alive. It imitates the feeling of depth of the natural tooth. No matter how aesthetically work is done, metal-supported porcelain crowns cannot capture the aesthetics of full porcelain crowns due to this feature. Due to this feature, full porcelain crowns (porcelain jacket crowns) are preferred for high aesthetic expectations, especially in anterior teeth.

NOT ALLERGIC: There is no risk of metal allergy to some metals (such as nickel) in full porcelain crowns. Because porcelain has a high biological compatibility with the gingiva.

LIVE VIEW: Although many things affect the appearance of crowns, the most important is their response to light. Natural teeth transmit light. As a result, depth and vitality appear in the tooth. Due to the light transmission properties of metal-free porcelain crowns (full porcelain), their depth and vitality are greater, so that the closest results to natural teeth are obtained. However, this vitality of porcelain without metal support cannot be achieved because it does not transmit light even in the most perfect metal-supported porcelain crowns.

AGAINST STRONG LIGHT: Since metal-supported porcelain is impermeable to light, a dark area appearance may occur in the mouth in photographs and strong lights (special lighting in places such as discos and in front of camera flash). Porcelains without metal support, on the other hand, do not encounter these problems since their reaction to light is similar to that of natural teeth.

HOLDING: Metal-backed porcelains are mechanically bonded to the tooth. Full porcelain is attached to the tooth both mechanically and chemically. Therefore, their retention is much higher than metal supports.

RELATIONSHIP WITH GINGIT: Since there is no metal in its substructure, there is no dark line between the crown and the gum line. A more aesthetic appearance is provided. When the gingiva is receded, full porcelains preserve their aesthetic appearance, while metal porcelains create a bad appearance in the area where they are combined with the tooth.

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