Fulfill All Your Wishes

You only have one life and how you live it is entirely up to you. It is often not possible for all your wishes to come true, in fact, it is not enough for the feeling of happiness and peace, which is basically our life purpose. Many people believe that being richer, healthier, more beautiful, more educated, more career-oriented, will definitely bring happiness. Happiness is a choice of life and should not be confused with pleasure. Getting more than what you have may give you some time and some pleasure for a while, but it’s definitely not happiness. Happiness is a chosen path. It is the way you view life as you strive for your goals. It is the way you enjoy your job without thinking about promotion, praise, fame, fame. My mother says that if you enjoy a meal, it won’t make you gain weight, just like knowing that a meal that is eaten with pleasure will not make you gain weight. Think about what you will lose, in the worst case, even if the result is not exactly what you want, you will have a pleasant time without doing any work. That’s what happiness is. Maybe you’ve heard it a hundred times, but it’s okay to hear it again. Happiness is a process, not a result.

All personal development books advise you to focus on your desire, imagine it and even feel as if it exists, experience all emotions and then release these feelings and thoughts, as per the law of attraction. He says, get out of the way of your feelings and thoughts so that the universal system will start working for you. The hardest part of the job is actually getting out of the way of these feelings and thoughts or letting them go. You all like to dream, you can sit and dream for hours that you have a great physique, the house, lover, career you want, and you can experience the feeling of pleasure it brings in your body and mind for a long time. And then? How can a thought that has occupied our minds so suddenly disappear from our main focus? The secret here is to focus on the process. Focus on whatever you are doing right now, do you knit, enjoy the reproduction of it, just as I am here right now and enjoying it immensely as I write these lines, just immerse yourself in that moment and the joy of that moment, its colors, its smell, its rhythm. it begins to serve you and him, free from thoughts.

The only real architect of all these processes is your mind. Your mind is the beginning and the end of everything. So how can we get our minds into the position of creating to redesign our lives as quickly as possible? The only way to do something best is to make it a habit. By working on your mind a little every day, you can make all your wishes come true and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Working on your mind every time you think of it and training it will result in success, as is the usual process of any hard and good training. Our ultimate goal in this life is to be happy. Happiness is the only ultimate way we can help ourselves, our loved ones, and other people. And it takes some work. A little mental exercise that you will do every day, focusing on seeing the pleasant aspects of the work at hand will help you get rid of your obsessive desires and wishes.

The fulfillment of a wish is the result of your actions. Those actions are your life. Thinking about buying a house and imagining that you have a beautiful house may excite you. It can inspire you. That’s why it’s meaningful. Dreaming or feeling like what you want so much is already yours are all powerful emotions that challenge you to take action with inspiring strong emotions. So let the inspiring process be triggered by your dreams. While you are in that excitement, you can produce much more creative solutions. Imagination is a great power of our mind, even recent studies have focused on the healing power of imagery and have started to get very successful results. We can briefly say that imagery is the pure communication way in which the mind communicates with the body. With the processing power of reinterpreting all the information we have acquired with the 5 senses through imagination, your mind can turn into a power that heals your soul and body. When you tell someone to imagine something, everyone will begin to imagine it differently. To me, the language of the imagination is the language of your core self. And it is a door to yourself. Your experiences, feelings, thoughts, all your past memories affect your imagination, this is a unique design that is unique to you. It is the meeting of man with his own self.

Our bodily functions are controlled by two different parts of the central nervous system; the first is the autonomic nervous system, which allows us to continue our lives automatically.

Although it may seem like a fairy tale concept to spend your whole life in happiness and peace and all your wishes have come true, it is an ideal life choice that is highly likely to come true. Knowing that you can lead a life that you will satisfy, a healthy physical and spiritual structure, surrounded by people who love you and with whom you are very pleasant to be with, can change your perspective on your current life. From your existing life, a life can arise exactly as I have described.

When you start to be such a person, you begin to become independent from all the circumstances and people surrounding you. Even though you seem to lead an ordinary life like everyone else at first, any social thought that limits you and makes you uneasy begins to become a judgment. Distinctive concepts such as race, religion, language, economic status, brands, appearance and gender become meaningless for you. If you start to enjoy your work more, to accept life as it is, to take what is offered to you. This is a powerful life stance that changes your entire perspective. When it rains, your clothes get dirty and dirty, you know that it is pointless to worry about who will clean these clothes now, as you are no longer stuck in the past or the future, and you start enjoying the rain instead. You don’t let obsessive thoughts about the future and the past paralyze you. You accept even seemingly unfavorable conditions and situations as life’s blessings with great maturity and even joy, and you will get the most out of them. It is an extremely meaningful developmental leap to see how the people around you feel guilty and remorseful for even the smallest events, and even to understand how you once felt the same. Yes, not so much, maybe a few months ago, you may mourn the person who caused your clothes spilled on it, and you may be angry with yourself for wearing that expensive outfit that day. With all the feelings and thoughts caused by all these unproductive thoughts, your night was ruined and you couldn’t enjoy the environment. Now you know you can enjoy the environments with your dirty clothing…It has always been. It is in the past.

The fulfillment of all your wishes is knowing that you are responsible for everything but not regretting anything. Regret and guilt are like a deadly poison that has no antidote and slowly poisons people from the inside. What happened has happened and for the moment it happened because it was meant to be, nothing can change that. What happened is over, and now that you feel bad feelings such as shame and regret, blaming yourself will not change the situation or fix it, on the contrary, such feelings prevent you from learning from your negative experiences. Choose to learn from your negative experiences, it’s a choice. Apologize, promise yourself you won’t repeat this unproductive behavior again, and move on.

If you make a mistake, you will inflict the greatest punishment on yourself. This brings with it situations ranging from humiliating yourself to ruthlessly criticizing and even falling under the control of someone else with these bad feelings. With feelings such as guilt and regret, which I mentioned in the previous sections, you can easily come under the control of others, and you can spend your life more productively by accepting what comes as it is and taking full responsibility for your contribution to the event.

The Magic of Laughter

A sense of humor is one of the most magical emotions a person can have. If you have a humorous side, if you know how to laugh and make you laugh, you are very lucky, you have a very valuable gift in your hand. The effect of laughter on human psychology is indisputably very positive. Laughing is a magical thing that can turn even the most contagious and boring times into pleasant memories. To be able to see the humor in the events.

My very emotional brother also has an incredible sense of humor, and when you’re with him you realize that there is always something to laugh about in even the worst-looking situations. In fact, when you get out of the drama of the event and focus on the human and funny side, the problem seems to be alleviated in an instant. In my opinion, there should be a form of therapy called Laughter therapy and people should be taught the art of reading the humor in all their dramas. It really is like the sudden appearance of land while you are swimming in a sea of ​​trouble. When we experience an unpleasant event, sad events and thoughts are stored in our minds in a non-functional way. This situation causes the disturbing effects of this event to continue in the future and the person to develop anxiety and fear. However, when a sad event is experienced, the sudden realization of a laughing matter may cause different parts of the brain to activate, causing the brain to transform its dysfunctional traumatic records about the event. I think my brother’s humorous approach to the events in the family helped us to overcome the problems in the family more easily.

Laughter, which is a very natural behavior of us, gains a certain form with the life experiences of the person, learning the culture lived in time. In one study, the average adult laughed 30 times a day. He determined that the children laughed 150 times. Children can laugh for no reason quite naturally, regardless of culture and society. I guess it wouldn’t be wrong to say that with the stress and social learning that increases as one grows up, one starts to use the sense of laughter at a minimum level. In fact, you can’t even see a smile on the face of some people, let alone laughing with laughter. However, this human and natural miraculous gift was given to us at birth. How sad that it takes long therapy and work to regain it. Although it is not possible to finish by counting the benefits of laughing, which is one of the clear indicators of happiness, your mood will be clearly positive, it will put you in a more cheerful mood, more oxygen will go to your brain due to the breath you take, it will reduce stress, even your face will look younger because it works the facial muscles. is reason enough. Smile…

Since the behavior of laughing will keep you in a more positive mood, it will be easier for you to attract the things you want to happen in your life. The realization of all your wishes is related to the investment you make in yourself. The more you laugh, the happier you are, the happier you create a more harmonious life. When a person whose only desire from this life is a wife who loves him/herself learns to smile a little more, he/she will become a more attractive and sought after person. This is the charm of happiness. I’ve never met a person who doesn’t look good with a smile. A sincere smile is very attractive to all people. It is the desired behavior in social environments. I must warn you here that I am not talking about recklessly making fun of others and laughing excessively, I am talking about a natural and sincere smile, Anything that is unnatural, excessive and exaggerated is always uncomfortable for everyone.

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