Hair follicles from the nape donor area manual punchor micromotor punchwith one by one is collected. If the donor area is not sufficient, hair follicles can be collected from body hair or beard with FUE. The hair follicles obtained are called ‘graft’ or ‘graft’. These grafts are collected in a sterile environment and planted in the needed area.

Slit Knife Planting Technique

By using small razor blades to place the nape donor hair follicles, namely grafts, collected with the FUE technique, channels as many as the number of hairs to be transplanted are opened into the skin in total. Then, all the hairs taken into the opened channels are placed one by one. Hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation are performed in this way.

Round Needle Planting Technique (Stick&Place)

The nape donor hair follicles collected with the FUE technique are placed one by one with needles resembling round injector needles. graft As many channels as the number of channels are not opened from the beginning, a channel is opened and hair is placed in it immediately. Hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation are performed in this way.

Hair transplantation is performed on people diagnosed with male pattern hair loss and hair loss. Male pattern hair loss is a very accelerated state of the cyclical life of the hair follicle from birth to death.
The person who will have hair transplantation should stop taking drugs such as aspirin, which is one of the leading blood thinners, if they are using it, 1 week in advance, and should not drink alcohol. Do not use drugs not recommended by the doctor.
Hair is cut 1 mm long. Sometimes, all the hair may not be cut depending on the number of grafts planned to be transplanted. Blood is taken from the person who will have hair transplantation, and routine blood and biochemical tests are performed. The patient’s head is washed with antiseptics. He is taken to the operation room where the hair transplant will be performed. If hair follicles are to be taken from either the nape donor or another donor area under local anesthesia, the grafts are collected manually with the FUE technique or with the help of a micromotor. Collected grafts are stored in glass containers under sterile and appropriate conditions.

After the collection process is finished; The patient’s planting area is also anesthetized by giving local anesthesia. Channels are opened into the skin as many as the number of hair follicle-grafts taken into the area to be transplanted. When the channel opening process is finished, individual hairs and grafts are placed into the opened channels. Stick and Place(Drill and Place)- If the round needle technique is to be used, the grooving process is performed one by one, and the hair follicle is immediately placed into the opened single channel.
The total of this procedure may differ depending on the number of hair follicles to be transplanted, the technique chosen and the hair structure of the patient. But to give a time, it can take an average of 8-9 hours.
After the hair transplantation process is finished, the treated areas of the patient are wrapped. The dressing remains for 12-24 hours, after which it is removed.

FUE In the procedure, the donor area is completely healed in 5-7 days, and the transplant area is completely healed in 8-10 days. During this period, the person who has hair transplantation can hide the crusty appearance by using a hat. Eyebrow transplantation can also be performed with the FUE technique. It is based on the same principles, the recovery time is shorter.

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