Front Hairline Design

The main purpose of the hair transplant operation; to recreate the frame created by the hair on the face, and then to restore hair growth in balding areas. From this point of view, the hair is limited to 3 edges:

  • Upper midline frontal hairline (FHL)

  • temporal hairlines on the sides

  • Frontal and temporal hairlines

Frontal and temporal hairlines open at the corners of both sides. This is called the frontemporal hair angle. Frontal, temporal hair lines and frontotemporal angles and their evaluations; We can say that it is one of the most important points in hair transplantation.

Criteria determining the front hairline

Hair loss starts in the forehead area, especially in male pattern hair loss. If spillage is not prevented; the opening in the area increases over time and the core hairline disappears. If the person is suitable for hair transplantation, where the complaint is applied to eliminate the complaint, the first step will be to plan the core hairline. At this point, the design differs from person to person. Regardless of the order, we can list the criteria we consider as follows:

  • General hair health status

  • facial structure

  • Gender of the candidate patient

  • Age

How to plan a natural front hairline?

If the front hairline is to be redesigned with hair transplantation, it is very important that it looks natural. In order to achieve a natural look, the front hairline should be slightly irregular rather than straight. Grafts containing thin and single hair should be placed at the front, and follicles with thick and 2-to-3 hair follicles should be placed towards the back. Paying attention to planting angles is an important factor in ensuring naturalness. The points to consider for the ideal image are as follows:

  • The patient’s nose and eyebrow ratio is evaluated. In this direction, it is tried to determine the right design for the ideal forehead line.

  • The distance between the forehead line and the eyebrow should have an average of four finger widths.

  • When the eyebrow is raised; forehead and the top line on the forehead line should be 1 cm.

  • The curvature of the anterior hairline should be planned in line with the facial features of the patient.

These are the criteria taken into account in achieving a good and natural appearance. Moreover; This is also an important criterion as the quality and strength of the hair in the donor area will provide maximum density.

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