From whom should a sweat test be requested between the ages of 3 and 16 (children and adolescents)?

The diagnosis of cystic fibrosis is made by measuring the chlorine concentration in sweat. This new method is also applied in our clinic (we measure with the Caulumetric end point method)

1f6071f607It should be noted that the sweat test may also be positive in some diseases other than cystic fibrosis.1f44c1f44c1f44c

recurrent respiratory infections, or Asthma/wheezing

recurrent cough and purulent (inflammatory) sputum production


club finger

Oily, foul-smelling, misshapen stools

chronic sinusitis and nasal polyposis

Hemoptysis (cough and phlegm with adjacent blood)

cirrhosis (focal know cirrhosis)

Diabetes mellitus (Diabetes mellitus)

inability to reach puberty (delayed puberty)

meconium ileus-like table

low sodium fatigue

If your child or patient has symptoms, it would be the right approach to request a sweat test. I wish you all healthy days

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