From a stressful work life….

(Person names are fictitious.)

Ms. Emel is a single mother and she is experiencing a new sector by changing the province with her 2 children. Life events theory according to social approaches; She states that every change in life will cause stress. With her 2 children, Ms. Emel had to adapt to a new address by changing the province and to a new sector due to a job change. we can consider factors such as separation, marital problems, and changing homes. According to Lazarus and Transactional Analysis, stress is a dynamic ‘process’. The interaction of physical, psychological, neurological, cognitive and emotional systems with the environment also represents the process. When we consider the processes that Ms. Emel went through, all these interactions are present in the case narrative. Starting with marriage problems and divorce, change of city-home-job, awareness of responsibility, family We can explain the commitment and the endangerment of physical and neurological health with psychological models. Stress is experienced both internally and externally.

After moving, Ms. Emel, who is a finance specialist, started to work in an IT company. At this point, we can deal with the parts of stress that are related to the environment. Emel, who spends long hours in traffic due to the distance from her workplace to her home, is also exposed to excessive noise, traffic and environmental pollution. She is exposed to much more stress than people who live in quiet neighborhoods. Emel lady, who has many advantages and disadvantages of an individual vehicle, is in a dilemma. She has represented the point of Win-Lose in her internal conflicts. It is beneficial for her children but has trouble due to traffic and parking problems At this point, Ms. Emel, who lives in the same place, is faced with a stress factor. Emel, who spends long periods in the office and is in a hurry to present, has started to show mental symptoms in the factors that cause work stress. The level of arousal in the last period and worries, accordingly the increase in control and scanning behaviors, despite his hard work low pay, extra demands, and divisions caused difficulty in focusing on mental symptoms she. Expected requests and demands created performance pressure.

According to Selye, in biological experiments, resistance first decreases, then rises and then falls again. The first thing that is present in Ms. Emel is the alarm stage. The autonomic system is the systems we cannot control. When the sympathetic system accelerates, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing problems begin, and then the parasympathetic nervous system systems these accelerating systems. Even though Ms. Emel thought of voicing her complaints about her job, she had a fight-or-flight response in the physical effects she showed against stress in order not to lose her job in the factors that cause work stress. The protection brought by responsibility is more due to oxytocin. The heart, blood vessels, smooth muscles and nerves connected to the glands are stimulated. The cause of high blood pressure, shortness of breath and muscle pain in psychosomatic disorders is the stimulation of the autonomic nervous system. During this process, Emel did not pay attention to her diet, increased her cigarette and coffee consumption, increased her body and He couldn’t feed his mind either. But after the audit at his company, he started to show physical symptoms against stress. Deteriorated sleep, anger, lack of motivation and low tolerance for situations are some of them. Ms. Emel, who had positive attitudes in her life before, ignored these situations for a while. We can also handle this situation with the pressures we put on ourselves. The negative point is that if we cannot fulfill these expectations or if we have difficulties, we will definitely experience stress. There are positive aspects of stress. However, everything that is not dosed well can be risky, and Emel’s story As seen in the article, stress is the antidote whose dose should be adjusted.

Emel, who was found to have no physical ailments as a result of the doctor’s examination, experienced many psychosomatic disorders due to the fact that she was exposed in her personal and business life and that her own coping mechanisms did not work after a point. She shows that she is affected by many points simultaneously, and that we can experience their traces even for a while due to some conditions and situations. Ms. Emel also ignored her psychological and somatic symptoms due to the necessity of managing situations at many points where she experienced stress, and after a while, she went to the exhaustion stage after an intense experience. has entered.

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