Frequently asked questions about homosexuality

I get dozens of questions about homosexuality every day. I found it appropriate to collect and answer frequently asked questions here.

Is homosexuality a mental illness or a physical problem?

Homosexuality is not a disease!

The American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its official list of mental illnesses in 1974. In 1992, another important institution, WHO (World Health Organization), removed homosexuality from the list of diseases. Being gay, lesbian, or bisexual is neither a disease or a perversion, nor a good or a bad thing – it’s just being that way.

However, many lesbians and gays suffer from very serious mental (psychic) ​​and/or social problems due to the lack of understanding and prejudices of their environment. At the same time, people who are exposed to this discrimination policy and stigma face sexual problems (Sexual Dysfunctions).

Can gay and lesbian couples be good parents?


In studies conducted on children raised by gay and lesbian and children raised by heterosexual parents, no difference was found between children in terms of intelligence, mental development, social attitudes and relationships with other children, or sexual orientation (identity).

Why is coming-out difficult for gays and lesbians?

Coming-out is a very difficult and painful process for gays and lesbians, as many false stereotypes and prejudices are introduced against them. Homosexuals and bisexuals often feel very lonely and different at first when they become aware of their homosexuality. Many fear being rejected by their family and friends and being unemployed when their gay identity is revealed. And homosexuals are often subjected to violence and discrimination by other people.

How can gays and lesbians be helped and overcome prejudice and discrimination?

A positive attitude towards gays and lesbians is often exhibited by people who have gay friends. He therefore concludes that the bad thoughts in question are based more on prejudice than on the bad experiences people have had with homosexuals personally. In other words, the more gay and lesbian people know and the more they know about homosexuality, the more positive attitudes they have towards lesbians and gays.

Can sexual orientation be changed with therapy? Can homosexuality be treated?

Homosexuality cannot be treated!

Homosexuality is not a disease. Therefore, there is no condition that needs to be treated.

It is a definite and proven fact that homosexuality is not any disease, disorder or erroneous development. Gays and lesbians have always existed and will exist in all societies. In 1990, the American Psychological Association (APA) declared that there was no scientific evidence for a successful treatment. On the contrary, a treatment made in this direction causes a healthy person to get sick. You can compare this to treating a heterosexual person for homosexuality. It is not possible to do this.

Is it easy to spot that gays and lesbians are “that way”?


Although it can be easily understood that some gays and lesbians are “like this”, the vast majority of gays and lesbians do not allow this to be noticed by others due to widespread negative prejudices against them. There are no fixed lifestyles for gays or lesbians. Gays and lesbians have diverse lifestyles and occupy and work in every available job and position around the world.

What occupations do homosexuals do?

Gays and lesbians hold every possible job and position available, and work in all types of occupations. Many gays and lesbians keep their sexual orientation a secret in their work life because they do not want to risk their job performance due to prejudice. For this reason, gays and lesbians also serve in settings such as the military, where they can be discriminated against if they are noticed. In developed European countries, it is illegal to discriminate against a person because of their sexual orientation.

Are homosexuals discriminated against?

In the 21st century, homosexuals still face more serious discrimination.

Like many other minorities labeled as “different,” gays and lesbians feel misunderstood and prejudiced. Insulting, oppression, violence and discrimination in the workplace and at home are just a few examples of the abuse that gays and lesbians are subjected to.

Are homosexuals “Child Abusers”?


Another prejudice against homosexuals is the claim that gay men are more prone to child abuse than straight men. This claim is merely a discriminatory claim and is not based on scientific research and is completely untrue.

Pedophilia and sexual attraction to children should not be confused with homosexuality. Many studies have proven that the vast majority of pedophiles are heterosexual men.

Is AIDS a homosexual disease?


No. AIDS (immune deficiency syndrome) is not a “gay” disease. It is a disease that can spread more among homosexuals as well as among heterosexuals through unprotected sexual intercourse. Likewise, the virus is spread, for example, by the joint use of injectors by drug addicts. Unprotected relationships between heterosexual couples in Africa have been the main route of spread of the disease. Among all social groups, whether heterosexual or homosexual, lesbians are at the lowest risk of contracting HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), the virus defined by the term AIDS.

Is homosexuality normal?


Yes. Studies conclude that between 10 and 15% of all people are attracted to homosexuals. Homosexuality existed and continues to exist in all countries, in all social strata and in all generations. We know that they are at all levels of public life, in all occupations and in all social positions.

Is homosexuality natural?


Today we know that homosexuality is also seen in many animal species, and it is a part of existence that we define as nature. Gays and lesbians never go against nature, on the contrary, they act in harmony with their own nature when looking for a partner of their own gender. However, it would not be natural if a heterosexual had to flee from a heterosexual relationship because they were asked for companionship.

Is homosexuality hereditary?


Obviously not, because the vast majority of gay children have straight parents and also straight siblings. The extent to which homosexuality is genetically related has not been seriously proven to date. Parents have no influence on their children’s sexual orientation. The subject of “Mis-cultivation”, which we hear very often, is also not based on any basis.

Is homosexuality immoral?


Homosexuality is just as “immoral” as using your left hand. “Moral” and in other words “immoral” are simply a description of behavior, but not a trait of nature that is deeply rooted in the personality and bestowed upon man by nature.

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