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What is Psychotechnics? What does it mean?

Mental characteristics such as perception, attention, memory, reasoning ability, speed-distance estimation, which should be the basis for safe driving in driving; It is a system in which psycho-motor abilities and skill levels such as reaction speed, eye, hand-foot coordination, and attitude, behavior, habit and personality characteristics such as risk taking, aggression, responsibility, self-control can be measured using computer-assisted test systems.

Who has to get a Psychotechnical Certificate?

  • All commercial vehicle drivers
    – Drivers whose license was obtained by exceeding the speed limit
    – Drivers whose license has been obtained due to drunk driving
    – Drivers who have completed 100 penalty points

How Long Does the Psychotechnical Test Take?

Applications made in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918 (Return of Driving License) and Article 60-e of the Road Transport Regulation, which is adjoined based on the Procedures and Principles herein, must last at least 1 hour and 15 minutes as per the law.

What is the validity period of the Psychotechnical Certificate?

The validity period of the reports is 5 years.

Which Tests Are Used?

Reasoning Test
Continuous Attention and Problem Solving Test
Visual Continuity Test
Selective Attention/Attention Level Test
Response Quality and Speed
Taxoscopic Traffic Perception Test
Speed ​​and Distance Detection Test

Is There a Legal Basis for Psychotechnics?

In order to be able to make a Psychotechnical Evaluation: We call the practices made in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918 and the Road Transport Regulation adjoining it (by the Ministry of Health) in terms of implementation, as LEGAL practices.

I do not use commercial vehicles. Do I have to buy?

You do not need to obtain a psychotechnical certificate for your personal vehicle.

How do I get my report approved after taking the psychotechnical test?

Psychiatric examination is carried out in private – public hospitals, medical centers and psychiatry clinics.

What are the aims of Psychotechnics in Drivers?

  • To protect the public traveling in traffic from dangerous drivers

  • To improve the driving culture of the society by creating rehabilitation programs that will give drivers at long-term risk the chance to change their attitudes.

  • To make drivers aware of their personal driving skills and attitudes

  • Identification of drivers who may pose a danger in traffic due to their psychological inadequacies

  • Improving the driving culture

  • To ensure that those who are successful in psycho-technical evaluation are preferred in the selection of suitable drivers for the job.

  • To transparently measure the mental and psycho-motor skill levels that drivers should have in order to drive safely.

  • To prevent possible accidents by preventing those who receive negative reports from the Psycho-Technical Evaluation from getting on the road.

  • Psycho-Technical Evaluation is to identify skilled and unskilled drivers in traffic.

  • It is to determine the qualifications, rights and responsibilities of those employed in transportation works, to ensure that road transports serve together with other transport systems and complement each other, and that existing opportunities are used more beneficially.

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