Freezing storage

Cryopreservation means freezing. The most well-known is the freezing of sperm. Especially in men with ovarian cancer, sperm are taken, frozen and stored before cancer treatment.

It is used in treatments in some countries in order to achieve pregnancy in cases where the man does not have sperm or is very bad.
This procedure can also be applied to non-transferred and excess embryos after IVF and ICSI. If we have a large amount of embryos left after embryo transfer, they are frozen and if it is not possible to get pregnant, they can be transferred to the woman in later menstrual periods without the need for stimulation treatment. This method both increases the chance of success of the treatment and provides a significant reduction in the cost of treatment. Currently, cryopreservation of eggs is not a successful process, but embryos can be cryopreserved. However, recently, Kutluk Oktay and his friends, a Turkish doctor in the USA, successfully preserved the ovarian tissue by freezing and transplanting it back to a woman in their studies. In this direction, many future studies are carried out.

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