fractional laser

Fraction lasers have become very popular in recent years and are a laser system used in skin rejuvenation and spot treatment. In this method, laser is thrown into the skin in very small columns. Between these columns are islets of solid leather. Since the skin regenerates very easily from the intact skin islets between these columns, the possibility of side effects is low. However, since the energies in these columns are also very high, it is a highly effective treatment method. Two systems are used in fractional lasers.

-Lasers that renew the skin by peeling (ablative laser)

In this method, lasers are effective by peeling the top layer of the skin. Its purpose is to renew the skin and reduce acne scars. Its superiority over other systems is that it is possible to control its depth with laser. In other techniques, it is difficult to descend into the lower layer of the skin in a controlled manner. After laser treatment, the skin becomes red and swollen. During this period, you should use the products recommended by your doctor. It is useful to avoid the sun during this time.

-Lasers that renew the skin without peeling (non-ablative laser)

In this method, treatment is performed by affecting the lower layers of the skin without peeling the upper skin. The laser light heats the collagen in the skin and shortens the collagen bands. Thus, the skin is stretched and acne scars are reduced. At the same time, the heat created by the laser in the lower skin stimulates the fibroblasts that produce collagen.

The mechanism of action of fractional lasers is that the laser light creates heat damage to the skin in tiny columns. These columnar heat damage areas are called microthermal treatment zones. The process, which is perceived as a wound by the skin due to heat damage, triggers wound repair mechanisms and initiates new collagen synthesis. As a result of new collagen synthesis, narrowing in crack width, decrease in depth and improvement in the surface are observed. In fractional technology, the skin area around the microthermal treatment areas remains intact, so these damaged areas are quickly repaired with cells from the surrounding healthy skin.

Fractional lasers can also treat deep layers of the skin, as they penetrate deep tissues by tunneling over the skin. If you inform your plastic surgeon about your needs and wishes, the necessary planning will be made after the examination. Facial rejuvenation, treatment of acne and scars, reduction of wrinkles around the eyes and lower and upper lips, treatment of skin sagging and laxity, removal of surgical scars, treatment of skin cracks and pore tightening treatments can be performed with the pro- ractional laser.

No pain is felt during the application. A slight burning sensation may be felt. These effects can be eliminated with locally effective creams or ice pads. There may be slight peeling after the procedure, but they disappear within a week. The session takes approximately 40-45 minutes. The sessions you plan with your specialist doctor are on average 2-6 and are held at intervals of approximately 2-4 weeks. Certain scars may remain on the skin, but they are not permanent. Patients should use a moisturizer during this period. In addition, they should be protected from the sun and benefit from sunscreen lotions. You can put on make-up 2-3 days after the treatment and return to your daily life.

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