forgive your past

Living in the past is a situation that people do to themselves but often do not realize, living in the past makes this person so tired that most of the time people may hate themselves, think that they are worthless, and they do this without realizing what caused this situation. Every person, big or small, has faults in the past. It is admitting and forgiving mistakes. Forgiveness does not mean reconciliation, forgiving does not mean forgiving, it means letting go, cultivating forgiveness allows you to clear your mind and see problems from an objective point of view. Forgiveness in psychology is not literally, it is to release the emotion or feelings inside you that hurt you. The anger, resentment, and grudge we hold inside make us sick over time. Forgiveness means not to forgive the person or the event, but to forgive within ourselves. First of all, forgiveness is a process, it takes time and it is not always easy, when we start to forgive someone, we don’t let go of negative thought patterns. It is making a conscious effort to stay clear. When you forgive your past, you begin to live in the present moment and you become hopeful in the future. The common feature of people who cannot forgive their past is as follows; They always fight with the past, they always worry about the future, but there is one thing they don’t realize is the moment they live, it flows with regrets and worries. Now where do I start? I can almost hear your question, congratulations dear reader, because the first step is to make a decision, remember that when you forgive, you forgive the feelings that hurt you, not the other party.

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