Foreign Body

Foreign bodies are objects that should not normally be in that area and enter the body for any reason from outside the body.

Those related to orthopedics and traumatology enter the body through the skin, in such cases an entry way is definitely observed on the skin. During traffic accidents, glass or metal-derived foreign objects can enter the body, and a piece of people’s clothes can enter through an open skin wound. Sometimes, small foreign bodies that enter the body with high energy have a very small entry way and this entry way can be overlooked. For foreign bodies that go under the nail, there is no entry way, but at the time of entry, the patient will definitely feel pain and then pain. This foreign body can be seen under the nail.

Although foreign bodies usually enter the body by accident, sometimes people can do this for secondary gain. This situation, which is not very common in orthopedics, is generally seen in otorhinolaryngology and general surgery branches.

Foreign bodies with smooth surfaces such as glass or metals may not cause symptoms for a long time if they do not irritate or damage tendons or nerves. However, plastic and especially those with porous tissue such as wood and fabric may predispose to infection in the short or long term. Usually staf. aureus, any microorganism can cause infection. The importance of such infections is that they are resistant and unlikely to cope with the infection if the foreign body is not removed.

The diagnosis of foreign body reactions, which can sometimes form masses that can be confused with tumors, can be made by the presence of previous trauma in the patient’s history, and by careful examination and examinations. Glass, wood, and plastics are sometimes not visible on plain radiographs. Sometimes only the shadow is noticeable. For differential diagnosis, ultrasound and MR will be helpful in plain radiography. Metallic objects can be seen on plain radiography.

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