Forehead Lift Operations

Forehead lift operations are usually performed together with face lift operations. Intense on forehead only
It can also be applied alone in patients with wrinkles. Under general anesthesia or sedation
can be done. With incisions made from the scalp line, the forehead skin and muscle adhesions are separated. Excess skin parts
After removal, it is closed with sutures. There may be swelling and bruises for a few days after the operation.
After the operation, there may be numbness in the areas where there is an operation scar. It usually passes over time.
The scars are generally not bothersome as they remain in the hair.

Brow Lift (Brow Aesthetics)

Eyebrows are one of the most important aesthetic points on the face. The posture of the eyebrows makes us angry, tired or bored, etc.
gives expressions. Older when low brow is accompanied by some drooping of the upper eyelid
It makes us appear. There are several methods to ensure that the eyebrows stay in their proper places.

Eyebrow removal and permanent makeup application
Botulinium toxin administration
eyebrow suspension
Brow lift operation

Eyebrow Removal and Permanent Makeup Application

The eyebrows can be lifted up a little by taking them appropriately. It can be shaped with permanent make-up. First Name
Since it is permanent on it, it should be well thought and decided.

Eyebrow Suspension

It is a method that can be performed under local anesthesia and takes a short time. With the help of needles from 2-3 mm incisions
eyebrows are suspended using permanent threads. This vine made using special threads
With the procedure, it is ensured that the eyebrows remain up for 2-3 years. You can return to work the same day. quickly and
is the preferred method.

Eyebrow Lift Operation

It is generally performed in conjunction with a facelift operation. Eyebrows cut from the scalp
taken upwards. When applied with endoscopy, there is a smaller incision and a shorter recovery period.

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