Forehead lift surgery

The focus of facial expression is the eyes and eyebrows. The eyelids are usually the first area where surgical intervention is considered in order to rejuvenate and beautify the upper part of the face. If the eyebrows and forehead area are aesthetically problematic, contrary to expectations, eyelid surgery gives the patient a tired expression. If there is sagging on the forehead, when the forehead skin is stretched and the eyebrows are raised, the upper eyelid skin abundance is largely eliminated. Most of the time, there is no need for upper eyelid surgery.

With aging, the forehead skin begins to loosen and sag in parallel with the progression of age, and the existing lines become deeper, as is the case with the facial skin. Over time, the eyebrows go down and a tired and sad facial expression emerges. Malnutrition, smoking, irregular lifestyle, stress, air pollution, the effect of gravity and facial expressions facilitate this aesthetically disturbing result. Sometimes in young patients, even if there are no deep wrinkles in the forehead, there may be structural sagging of the forehead skin and drooping eyebrows.

This surgery is usually applied to male and female patients over the age of 40 who have no other health problems. It can also be recommended for the correction of structural deformations in young patients. With forehead lift surgery, the lines on the forehead are minimized. The eyebrows drooping over the eyes are lifted and brought to where they should be, giving the person a fresh look. At the same time, some of the lines near the eyes can be removed to some extent. If there is a large amount of sagging and the skin needs to be removed, the classical open forehead stretching method is applied. In the classical method, the hairline is 4-5 cm. A crown-like scar remains, but this scar is hidden in the scalp. However, when this method is applied, there may be a temporary loss of sensation on the scalp for 3-4 months. Eyebrow lift surgery, which is performed to restore the eyebrows to their normal state, is an operation that is intertwined with forehead lift surgery. Also, there is no need for eyebrow hanging surgery.

I am applying my own technique, which has entered the world literature, in forehead lift. This technique can be translated as the ‘two-plan forehead lift’ method and has been proposed to achieve long-lasting permanent results.

It is not a preferred method to hang the eyebrows and partially stretch the forehead by entering only from the temple area. Although this method seems simple, it is not effective enough and can result in recurrence in a very short time.

Endoscopic method can be recommended to very young patients for forehead lift. In this method, the scars in the scalp will be less, but the effectiveness and permanence of the method are discussed. It is not effective enough in removing skin laxity. Today, more than half of American plastic surgeons have returned to the classical open forehead lift method. Effective and long-lasting results are obtained in experienced hands.

The operation is performed in hospital conditions, under the supervision of an anesthesiologist, in the operating room. It is recommended to be done with general anesthesia. It takes up to 1.5 hours. Since the operation is performed through the hungry skin, the scars can be easily hidden from the first day. It can be applied simultaneously with other aesthetic surgeries when necessary. It is often added to facelift surgery.

Early period after surgery usually passes on at ease. There may be general swelling and bruising on the forehead and around the eyes. There may be a feeling of drowsiness and tension. These go away on their own within 2 weeks. Head wraps can be applied to leave eyes, nose and mouth open. Dressings are left on from 3-4 days, the patient is allowed to wash his hair. It is not recommended for up to 3 weeks as excessive effort and hot blow dryer may increase edema. Stitches are removed after 7-8 days.

The surgery gives good results. Rarely, retouching may be necessary. The person can put on make-up from the first days and can return to work after 10 days. It is recommended to avoid heavy exercises and sun, and to protect it from external impacts. Since the newly formed shape of the forehead and eyebrows will be affected by gravity, it sometimes lasts for 8-10 years and sometimes for a lifetime, depending on the person’s body.

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