Forehead Lift Surgery

What is Forehead Lift Surgery?

The aesthetic operations performed by plastic surgeons to remove forehead lines and wrinkles are called ‘Forehead Lift’ surgery.

People look tired and angry when they have wrinkles on their foreheads, frowning eyebrows, and low eyebrows. The lines on the forehead begin to make people look older over time. After Forehead Lift surgery, people get rid of tired, angry and old expression.

Forehead Lift surgery can be performed together with Eyelid Surgery, Eyebrow Lift surgery, Temple Lift, Face Lift surgery depending on the deformations in our face and neck.

What are Forehead Lift Techniques?

Open Forehead Lift Surgery and Endoscopic Forehead Lift method. For detailed information about the methods, we would like you to be examined by our doctors.

We think that mutual examination is essential in order to explain the techniques of this surgery in detail. Because the operations in the face area are very sensitive. We believe that facial surgery information should be included in the examination, as there are incorrect information in the technical descriptions.

How Is Forehead Lift Examination Performed?

Brow Lift, Eye, Nose, Cheekbone, Face Lift and Temple Lift surgeries are also performed in the face area.

You should tell your doctor well what complaints you have on your face. Your doctor will evaluate you aesthetically. He will tell you what is needed to give an aesthetic appearance. But the important thing is that you should also state your complete wishes and in which parts you have unhappiness.

According to your expectations, your doctor will tell you whether he is planning just my forehead lift surgery or one of the other facial surgeries.

Sometimes people may have low eyebrow levels. If there is a miscarriage, Forehead lift surgery and Brow Lift surgery are performed together.

Since there is only one or more surgery, you should learn well what kind of surgery you will have.

Is Forehead Lift Permanent?

The results of the operation are permanent. Despite your age, you look young.

What Happens Before and After Forehead Lift Surgery?

• It is performed under general anesthesia by plastic surgeons in operating room conditions.

• It takes 1-1.5 hours on average.

• You may have swelling and bruising for the first 3-4 days. It does not interfere with your daily life.

• You may have a slight tingling. With painkillers, these tinglings pass.

• Your doctor will guide you in your dressings and controls.

• There are two methods: Endoscopic and Open. You need to learn well from your doctor which method and plan your surgery is planned before the surgery.

• Before the operation, your anesthesia analyzes will be performed.

• You can start sports activities after 3 weeks with your doctor’s approval.

• Before the operation, you will be given a written explanation of the surgical techniques and information previously explained to you. You will need to sign your oral information after reading it in writing.

• If the only forehead lift surgery is planned during your examination with your doctor, this is the post-operative process. If you are going to have other surgeries with forehead lift, you can read the process related to the other surgery from the information of the relevant surgery.

• You can go to work after 3 days.

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