Forehead Filling Application

Forehead filling applications are of 2 types according to the treatment goal. The first is a relatively more superficial application, where the lines of expression are targeted, and the other application is to obtain a more rounded appearance from the forehead shaping and side profile.

Forehead lines are similar to palm lines, and forehead lines are actually like our destiny. These lines tend to increase with age. When the eyebrows are raised, forehead lines become prominent. Skin thickness is important in making forehead lines visible. However, some people with dry skin or dry skin may have prominent forehead lines, even if they do not raise their eyebrows.

It is not always necessary to apply fillers to the forehead lines. For example, filling is not applied to inconspicuous lines and confusion when your face is still or at rest, that is, when you are not making gestures.

Suitable Candidates for Forehead Lines Treatment

  • Even if they do not move their mimics, they do not raise their eyebrows, that is, when their faces are at rest, and if wrinkles are visible (static lines), these lines can be filled. However, before the filling application, wrinkle treatment must be applied and the forehead muscle that causes mimic wrinkles should be weakened.
  • If the lines become clear with only forehead movements and there are no lines except for mimic movements, filling application is unnecessary. Full results are obtained only with wrinkle treatment application. By taking advantage of its anti-wrinkle effect, you can delay the need for filling for a long time and prevent wrinkles in this area.

In the filling process of the forehead lines, hyaluronic acid is injected with a needle into and under the wrinkle line. In order for you not to feel the pain of the needle, numbing creams are applied to the areas to be treated or numbing injections are made.

The amount of filler to be applied during the procedure may vary, depending on the size of the problem of the people who will fill the forehead lines. The effects of the application can be seen immediately, but it is possible to have redness or swelling in the first one or two days. It is necessary to wait 3-4 days for the most ideal image. The first control is done at the end of the second week following the filler application to the forehead lines. The result to be obtained lasts longer if it is done together with the wrinkle treatment. The permanence of the procedure is variable according to the individual’s muscle strength and the frequency of using mimics.

Forehead Shaping with Filling

The desired image in the forehead area is to obtain a round view from the side profile. A bumpy image occurs in the forehead area of ​​people with prominent eyebrow swelling.

Blunt-tipped apparatus called cannula, which does not harm the tissue, is generally used in forehead filling for shaping purposes. Safe application can be made with this apparatus that slides between the tissues. Shaping is done by entering from several points on the forehead. The process is permanent for an average of 10-12 months.

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