Force! the yeast of life runs out.

I know very wonderful people, when we meet again after a while, they are old, worn out, tense, tired…

Apart from traumatic events, there are some nuances that demoralize us, which are generally based on human relations, if we are doing these, it means it’s time to take your guard up and raise your shield!

You see, someone doesn’t understand words, leave it there, don’t tell and go, life will teach him.

You looked, someone is talking bad, no shame, Let him find his trouble from someone else.

You see, someone is always using you, I have a job, let someone else do it, say I’m sick.

You saw someone shouting, don’t shout back, keep distance, stay away, ask for help from your surroundings.

Look, he’s talking behind your back, never share the environment, stay away.

People are like trees too; The higher and higher it wants to go into the light, the deeper it takes root in the ground, the lower, the dark, the deep, the evil.

Friedrich Nietzsche

You see, it interferes with your private life, draw your boundaries, restrict it from your social media.

Look, what he said and what he did do not match, never give a secret.

There are two types of people. Facing his mistakes over time! Fading over time.

Necip Fazil Kisakurek

You see, he always has an excuse when doing business, first express it to himself and then tell your supervisor, otherwise he will abuse it a lot.

You see, there is a grouping against you, don’t be alone, complain, don’t answer, notice the ringleader.

You see there is jealousy, praise that person, get better ones, don’t compete..

Human relations are difficult.

But not impossible…

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