For a successful diet, know yourself first

Although many people want to diet, they always postpone or give up due to their own justifications (I work hard, I can’t do sports, it doesn’t work alone in diet, my dinner time is late, I can’t have a snack). Despite this desire, the necessity of giving up brings stress and anxiety, reducing the quality of life of people who want to lose weight. Although it may seem like giving up and choosing the easy one, it is not easy to experience the intensity of emotion that comes with it. For this reason, knowing what we really want by questioning ourselves at the decision stage and reviewing your eating habits will be the first step we will take to success.

Take a look at the excuses you think are justified: I can’t diet because I work too hard. Is it really workload? Or do we want to stay behind this excuse? Let’s imagine that we start work very early in the morning, we do not have time for breakfast, we buy pastries, which accelerates our weight gain. So the solution; Instead of pastry, a sandwich with cheese we prepared at home will be enough for breakfast. I can’t have a snack; The milk you add to the coffee you drink instead of powdered milk and the dried fruit you eat will meet your need for snacks. These examples and solutions will increase according to habits. The important thing is not to hide behind these excuses.

Question Your Eating Habits: ‘ If I drink water, he uses the phrase ‘it works’ without questioning the eating habits of many of us. According to ourselves, we eat very little, maybe only one meal, we do not eat too much sweets, we eat very little bread, but we still gain a lot of weight. So why? To give a clear answer to this question, write down your consumption covering at least 3 days and examine these consumptions with an objective eye. Did I skip my main meals? Did I have a snack? When you examine your consumption with questions such as what my choice was for a snack, how much I ate, and at what times, you will be questioning your eating habits. Learning your eating habits with this questioning will motivate you by accelerating your weight loss process.

Give Yourself Another Chance: If you have been unsuccessful once in the weight loss process, question again why. Ask yourself the following questions during the interrogation?

Did I trust myself and my diet while dieting?

Did I motivate myself by seeing the glass half full when I lost a little weight?

Have I been able to set a long time for myself to lose weight by being patient?

Did I aim to give up my wrong eating habits by saying that I am learning to eat healthy in the process of dieting?

If your answer is “no” to even a few of these questions, you have found the cause of failure. One time failure doesn’t mean you will always fail. Start the process again by giving yourself another chance and changing these goodies.

Decide if you want to lose weight for yourself or for your environment: Doing the diet willingly is one of the factors that bring success in the weight loss process. However, it is important whether this request originates from you or is it created by the pressure of the environment. The desire created by environmental pressure will disappear at the slightest failure, and stress, unhappiness and hopelessness will take its place. Instead, when you start with your own will, you will be more determined and your failure will not discourage you. Because when you decide to lose weight for yourself, you will not have to prove your success to anyone, so you will be able to extend your time to success, you will not lose your motivation because you do not get negative reactions from your environment, you will not get stressed by feeling responsible for those around you. For this reason, start the weight loss process only and only if you want to. Remember, this is your life, make the decision that will make you happy.

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